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At PeopleFinders, we make it easy to find all kinds of info on almost any address in the U.S. Our property search database is easy to use, and it's fast and free to get started with your search today. We're proud to give you one of the most extensive databases of property records in the industry! There's ton of data available to you and a wide range of uses for our detailed info.

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With PeopleFinders, you have instant access to full details about almost any property nationwide. It's easier than ever to learn about your home's historical value and past owners. You can also look into the homes around you in your neighborhood or around town. Even find out who owns your childhood home now and how much it's worth. It's fast, private, and simple!
It couldn't be easier to start a property records lookup right now. All you to do is fill out the form near the top of this page. Just type the address of any property in the form and click "search". You can also click to search by PO box for owner info. It's free to get started, and it's your simplest way to find any public property data.

Why PeopleFinders for Property Records?

There may be many places on the web where you can search for property records. But, none of them can match PeopleFinders's full package. We have one of the industry's largest databases, decades of experience, and the most user-friendly system. NO matter why you're seeking to learn about a property, you've come to the right place. You can also dive deeper and learn about a property's owner with detailed background checks and other public records. Here's what our property record searches will bring to you:

owner info

See who owns it
find out more about a property's current or past owners.

PeopleFinders's database is filled with historical owner data for almost every address in the country. That means it's easier than ever to find out who owns a property and who owned it in the past. With this info, you can also start a full background search for even more owner data.

historical value

Find the latest price
and see historical info about past property purchases.

Ever wonder what your neighbor paid for their home? Curious about the current value of your parents' old home where you grew up? PeopleFinders makes that process as simple as possible. Just search any address, and we'll show you the property's full sales history.

property data

See the big picture
find out more about almost any home or business.

The PeopleFinders property records database includes details about millions of addresses nationwide. This includes the lot size and the year a home or business was built. It also includes a home's living area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, tax data, and much more.

structural & more

Dive Deeper
with historical structural records, parcel numbers, and more.

In addition, our property records also include all available structural damage info. That way, you can see if there are any issues in a property's history. You can also access an address's parcel number to help you dig even deeper with the local government.