PeopleFinders Do's And Don'ts


PeopleFinders efficiently and quickly searches massive public records databases with information for most of the adults in the United States. PeopleFinders can provide incredible insights from contact information to property records, business records, criminal records, court records, traffic violations and more.

DO use PeopleFinders to find out information about:
  • Yourself – Look up your own information, to see your online reputation and discover what others can look up about you.
  • Family – Search for a long-lost relative or look up your parents in order to research your family tree.
  • Friends – Learn more about new friends, track down old friends, or even check on your current social circles.
  • Parents of Your Kids' Friends – Find information about parents that your kids carpool with, or the households they spend time at.
  • Dating & Relationships – Look up someone you met online before your first in-person date or blind date.
  • Neighbors – Find information about neighbors who recently moved in, or other people in your neighborhood.
  • Buyers or Sellers – Learn more before buying, selling, or meeting someone from Craigslist or other online marketplaces.
  • Unknown Numbers – Identify who is calling you by looking up the phone number, and get more information about them.


PeopleFinders is not a consumer reporting agency. In other words, you must not use PeopleFinders for any purpose that is covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). General information about the FCRA can be found here.

DON'T use PeopleFinders to conduct:
  • Employment Screening – You cannot screen someone in order to hire, promote, fire, demote, or reassign them.
  • Household Worker Screening – You cannot screen someone to hire them as a nanny, gardener, or other type of domestic worker.
  • Tenant Screening – You cannot screen someone in order to lease or sell space to them or to terminate their lease.
  • Professional Service Provider Screening – You cannot screen someone in order to hire them as a tutor, doctor, coach, personal trainer, or any other professional service provider.
  • Credit or Insurance Eligibility Screening – You cannot screen someone in order to verify if they are eligible for a loan, credit extension, or insurance.
  • Education or Scholarship Qualification Screening – You cannot screen someone in order to determine if they are eligible for an educational program, financial aid, grant, or scholarship.

Now that you know what you can and cannot do with PeopleFinders data, start your search today.