Tuesday, April 20, 2021


America & COVID-19, One Year Later

It's a bummer of an anniversary. And hard to believe that it's already been one year since COVID-19 shut America down. It's a long...


Digital Identity

How Gamers Can Protect Their Identity

Gaming is more popular than ever. Literally tens of millions of Americans play online and/or via one of the major gaming systems. It's a...

What’s Clubhouse?


Are You Dating Someone Who’s Married?

For you, dating may be something casual, something that you do to have fun. Or you could be dating in order to find a...
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Public Data


Severe Weather Safety Tips

As lovely as the coming of spring may be, it also brings an increase in severe weather across many regions of the country. You may...

Security Camera Buyer’s Guide

In the course of protecting your home, you have no doubt kicked around the idea of cameras as part of your security system. But...

How to Stay Safe When Exercising Outside

With spring on the horizon, you may feel the need to get out of your house and spend more time enjoying the fresh, warm...

How to Choose the Right Door Lock

One of the most essential components for home security is the entryway door lock. The right one will deter casual would-be intruders from going...

People Search

4 Reasons Why You Should Find Old Friends Again

Everyone has old friends who aren't around anymore. They may be friends that you went to high school with but fell out of touch...

How to Contact Old Neighbors

Neighbors are an important part of many people's lives. Even if you don't talk to them frequently, you probably see them fairly often. And...

How to Build a Family Tree with Little Information

Plenty of people want to learn more about their family history. After all, the prospect of learning more about your ancestors, especially if you...

How to Find (and Reignite) an Old Flame

Many people fall out of touch with old flames. Maybe that flame fizzled out. Or perhaps you had to go your separate ways for...

28 Ways to Find Long-Lost Relatives and Friends

Everyone falls out of touch with loved ones at least sometime in their lives. It’s just part of growing and changing. However, if you...


Contact Tracing Versus Unknown Phone Numbers

Would you answer a contact tracer phone call from an unfamiliar number? Learn how many people aren't picking up and how to tell if it's a scam call.

America’s Changing Crime Rates

Whether you’re moving to a new city or you’re just trying to understand how safe you are in your current city, it’s important to...

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