28 Ways to Find Long-Lost Relatives and Friends

Everyone falls out of touch with loved ones at least sometime in their lives. It’s just part of growing and changing. However, if you find yourself thinking about old friends, or you decide it’s time to reconnect with a loved one, you need to have somewhere to start. You don’t have to just wish that Read More…

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Identity

Being as we’re well into spring, the impulse to clean things up and air things out has become stronger. While you’re already in a tidying mood, why not take some time to clean up your digital footprint and strengthen your security, as well? You don’t need to be a technological wiz to do so, either. Read More…

Are You Paying the Right Price for Your New Home?

Home buying is a difficult game with expensive stakes. How can you know you’re getting a fair price when you purchase a brand new home?

3 Ways You Can Buy Locally to Benefit Your Community

These days, it’s more important than ever to shop locally. Buying locally has a number of benefits for your immediate community. Not only can you get some unique items–handmade crafts, clothing, fresh produce–but you’re also putting money back into the area around you, rather than just sending it to a large company. However, if you’ve Read More…

Stuck with You: Maintaining Relationships in Isolation

Back when stay at home orders were first starting to be issued, the inconvenience and pain of being separated from friends and relatives was immediately evident. What wasn’t so obvious right away was the impact that isolation could have on couples living together. As weeks of isolation have gone on, reporting about the effects on Read More…

6 Ways to Catch a Catfish

A catfish can be devastating to your search for online love. How can you catch a catfish before that person does serious damage to your love life?

Records You Should Find for Your Family Tree

A family tree is a great way to understand more about your family. What are the most important records to collect for your family tree?

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