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The shareable infographics at PeopleFinders graphically depict public data, pop culture, and other related topics.

Why do we use them? Some post topics are ideally suited to the visual representation of infographics. These posts are heavily informed by things like statistics, fast facts, or other similar tidbits. The written content is great, of course. But graphics help to add great visual appeal to an article.

And they do so much more. In fact, they help to share the same information in a different–and engaging–way. Simply put, readers love them.

So, we use infographics to present things like crime rates, state-by-state trivia, and difficult legalese. These visual depictions take dry numbers and abstract concepts and transform them into easy-to-understand diagrams and lists. Where words may fail, graphics ensure greater understanding.

We love these types of posts so much, we want to share them with as many people as much as possible. That’s why PeopleFinders infographics are free to share on social media.