Manage Your Public Records.

We understand there are many reasons why people may want their information removed. We respect those decisions, and make it easy to remove your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enter the URL of your profile in the form below, and follow the steps. Make sure to click the verification link in the email we send you, to confirm your opt out request.

Step A
Search for your info
Perform a Person Search for your name
Step B
Click on your profile
Find your name in the Person Search Results list and click the View Profile button
Step C
Copy the URL
Click on the URL in the address bar and copy that address for use in Step 1 below

Need Help?

Contact our Customer Care team if you have questions or need any help.

What are Public Records?

Public records are documents or other pieces of information about a person, business entity, or property that are not considered confidential. Examples of such records include address and phone number information, age and birthdate, census records, and criminal history.

Learn more about public records by reading our article, What is a Public Record?

Using Public Records

PeopleFinders aggregates public records from local, state and national databases all over the United States. Public records provide an easy way to locate people and get more information about them. They are a valuable tool used by millions every day to:

  • Reconnect with lost family
  • Locate old friends
  • Find military buddies
  • Network with colleagues
  • Discover factual inaccuracies
  • Reduce both financial and physical risk
  • And much more

Opt Out Feature

Despite the possible benefits, some people have circumstances where they do not want their information available online. We support managing your public records, and provide an Opt Out feature that blocks your records from appearing on (Please note that we only are only able to control the visibility of your public records on our site; we do not have control over websites owned by someone else.)

If you have decided to Opt Out, fill out the form above to find your listing, and then follow the steps to manage your information. Or, if you have any other questions about your public records that you would like to have answered before opting out, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or contact someone on our Customer Care team.