Who sent that email?

Perform a reverse email lookup to try and find out.

Illustration representing reverse email data records


Whenever you get an email, you can do an email search to get more details, 24/7.

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Find out if an email address has a legitimate source and isn’t part of a scam.

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Simply enter an email address and get the information behind it quickly.

An email search at PeopleFinders is the quick and easy way to get more information about an unknown email address, and about the person behind it. Find out fast if an email address belongs to someone you know. Or you may find out that its origins are questionable, potentially making it a source for phishing or some other email scam.

On the other side of things, say that all the contact information you have for someone is their email address. In that case, you can use it to try and find that person’s other contact information, including a current address, phone number, and social media profiles.

Our Email Lookup Database

The database at PeopleFinders contains billions of public records and public information, including email addresses, social handles, and more.

Besides a name, address or phone number, an email address is another piece of identifying information you can use to try and find more information about someone. More than 250 million people in the U.S. use email on a regular basis. And most of them have an email address that is directly connected to them…but not always.

Email address creation doesn’t require identity verification, so people can use fake names and other fictious personal or business information in setting up their email account. It takes data aggregation expertise like that at PeopleFinders to analyze the data and source an email address back to the actual email owner. This is what makes our email lookup tool so effective in fighting back against scams.

Reverse Email Lookup Customer Reviews

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See How We Keep Millions of People Safe

PeopleFinders will keep you and your loved ones safe, whether you are meeting new people online or planning a meetup with a neighbor. We have billions of records, and a search function that is easy to use. This will help you find out more about new people in your life.

Search for a Person by Name

The name search is the best place to begin if you only have the person’s name. Include any other information, like their age and location to narrow the results.

Search by Name

Phone Number Lookup

You can reverse-lookup a phone number to get information about its owner. This includes their name, address and public records.

Search by Phone Number

Address Lookup

If you know the address, an address search can be very helpful. You can look up the owner of an address and find out who it was previously. You can also get information about the neighborhood, the property and the past owner.

Search by Address Lookup

Why Use PeopleFinders for an Email Lookup Service?

In today’s technological age, many people’s digital footprints have become just as large as their physical ones. Social media profiles, online shopping accounts, and other Web-based interactions are just as intertwined with a person’s identity as their phone number or the address where they live. Starting with just an email address, PeopleFinders can help you get the bigger picture about someone and learn more about their digital lives, as well as their real ones. And we offer several other ways for you to find more information, such as:


Find someone fast – search by name for quick and useful contact info and other public data.

With a people search by name, you can immediately get to the essential facts about that person, with the option to go deeper. If the name is unique, getting to the right person should be fast. If the name is common, include information like a city and state or age to narrow your results.


Look past the facade – enter an address to get important details about a property.

With an address lookup, you can get vital property tax information, ownership history, and other data you may need to make smart decisions. And an address search can also help you to learn more about the people who currently own and/or live at that property.


See who called – lookup an unknown phone number to see information about who owns it.

If you’re worried about phone scammers or telemarketers, or are simply curious about an unknown phone number that keeps calling or texting, a reverse phone lookup can get you the information behind it quickly. Get the owner’s name and other data about them to get to the truth.


Dig deeper – get access to all the public records and information available about a person.

Start with a name, address, phone number or email address to get to the deeper truth about a person. Find out other contact information, known relatives and associates, if the person has criminal records, bankruptcies or liens and more with a PeopleFinders background check.