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Find anyone's criminal history today with our easy-to-use records search. All you have to do is enter a person's full name, city, and state, and you'll get detailed criminal records. Our database is one of the most detailed in the industry, and it's free to get started today. With PeopleFinders, it's never been easier to know who you can trust.

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Use a PeopleFinders criminal records lookup online today for a broad range of uses. Look into people around you, such as coworkers, friends, neighbors, and more. Find out more about your service providers, family caregivers, and even your kids' teachers. Check yourself out to see what comes up. See if a Craiglist seller has a criminal past. Even learn about your online dating matches and significant others!
With our web-based criminal records searches, you'll get instant access to almost any adult's criminal past. We have detailed data for over 700 million U.S. adults. Plus, we've made it easy to get started with your criminal records search. All you have to do is fill out the form near the top of the page, and hit the "search" button to begin your lookup.

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At PeopleFinders, we may not be the only website that provides criminal records lookups. But, we bring you an unmatched blend of experience, complete records, and ease-of-use. With our four decades in the industry, we're your go-to personal data pros. We know how to give you the detailed criminal records you need privately, easily, and securely. Read more below for more on what you'll get with our criminal records searches:

driving records

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PeopleFinders's data includes detailed driving records on almost everyone in the U.S. Use our search engine to see if your kids are safe with their bus drivers, counselors, or even their friends' parents. Find out fast if someone is reckless, speeds, or doesn't pay their fines on time.


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Even small crimes like petty theft, vandalism, or drug possession can be major red flags. The PeopleFinders database gives you detailed info about anyone's trouble with the law, no matter how minor. A little extra knowledge now could save you big-time headaches in the future!


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Felonies are our most serious crimes, but not all felons are honest about their pasts. With PeopelFinders, you can find felony records for any adult in the U.S. With our detailed criminal history records, you'll know for sure who's in your life and who you can really trust.

sex offenders

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look up the people around you for your family's safety.

Sex offenders must register with various national and state registries. But, it's not always clear when you or a loved one comes into contact with an offender. With our sex offender database, you can make sure you, your family, and your friends are safe no matter where you go.