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Stay ahead of the competition with comprehensive property data and trusted tools.

Research Properties

Gain a competitive edge by searching comprehensive property records, market values, and MLS data.

  • Search and filter properties
  • Easily compare equity and valuations
  • Generate comps and nearby insights

Identify Opportunities

Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, maximize your returns by making data-driven investments decisions.

  • Locate properties based on potential
  • Find motivated sellers of off-market properties
  • Save prospects to a list

Connect with Leads

Streamline the process of connecting with property owners - opening doors & fostering valuable relationships.

  • Improve your right-party contact rate
  • Engage with owners more efficiently
  • Reach prospects ahead of the competition

Gain valuable insights for any address

Take advantage of comprehensive data on properties, owners, residents and neighborhoods.

Explore Addresses

Leverage premium property data that realtors have access to, including MLS data. Become informed and equipped with insights.

  • Property records
  • Sales history
  • Mortgages & loans
  • Liens, evictions & foreclosures

Find Owners & Residents

Looking up an address is a convenient way of finding people, whether they are presently or previously associated with the address.

  • Property owners
  • Residents
  • Family members & roommates
  • Contact information

Check the Neighborhood

From buying a home or learning more about where you live, discover valuable insights about neighborhoods you care about.

  • Property values
  • Neighbors
  • Nearby insights
  • Neighborhood safety

Drive success with the right data

Unlock the power of real estate data and accomplish extraordinary results.


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Transform your investment strategy

Don't just dream big — achieve big with PeopleFinders.

Smarter decisions. With nationwide real estate data, comps, tools, and insights — simplify your investment process and reach the next level.
Win faster. In the fast-paced world of real estate, save time in finding opportunities and mitigating risks, so you can focus on closing deals.
Increase profits. Our cost-effective platform ensures you're not just keeping up but leading the pack. Stay informed, stay agile and be successful.

Connect with owners & residents

Find and reach people effortlessly.

Contact Info

For any property, find contact information for owners and residents, including mobile phone numbers, landlines and email addresses.

Current + Historical

More than just current information, our platform can even find prior property owners, as well as residents who previously lived at the address.

Multiple ways to search

Looking up a property is a quick and easy way to find people. But you can also search with their name.

Leverage data that fits your needs

Stay informed with extensive real estate data, contact information, and valuable insights.







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"Love the system. Has been very helpful in trying to find people. This is an instrumental part of your daily system."


"I've been using PeopleFinders for over 20 years. I use it for my business. Their information has always been up to date. It has helped my business tremendously."


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find addresses for free on

Unfortunately, no. To help you find a person's address or other contact information, we charge a nominal fee.

How can I search for an address from a mobile number?

To find an address starting with a cellphone number, go to our Reverse Phone Lookup page. Enter the number in question, and you should be able to get access to the owner's information, including known addresses.

How do I lookup address owner information?

Enter the address in question into the search fields above. We will pull up public information associated with that address, including current and past owners.

How do I search by address?

With our Address Lookup, enter the full address into the search fields. You will need the street number and name, as well as the city and state.

How do I search for an address by name?

To find an address starting with a name, go to our People Search page and enter the name of the person in question. After confirming you have the right person, you have the option of seeing the public information available about them, including their current and past addresses.

How do I search for an address using a telephone number?

If you want to find the address associated with a phone number, go to our Reverse Phone Lookup page. Enter the full number to see the owner of that number. From there, you have the option to access the other public information about that person, including their address.

Who are my neighbors?

This service is the perfect tool to learn more about who is living in your area! By entering your address into PeopleFinder’s search bar, you’ll be able to see more information about all the people living nearby.

How can I find out who lives here?

PeopleFinders makes it easy to find out where someone lives quickly and easily. To start a Reverse Address Lookup, simply enter in an address or street name and PeopleFinders will provide information about the location.

What can I find in a reverse address lookup?

A reverse address lookup report provides details of the people living at an address, information about the property, and insight into the neighborhood. With PeopleFinders, you can find:

  • Owner Info
    • Full Names
    • Previous Addresses
    • Age
  • Property Data
    • Home Value
    • History
    • Current Residents
  • Contacts
    • Phone Numbers
    • Email Address
    • Social Profiles
  • Neighborhood Safety
    • Criminal Records
    • Sex Offender Records

Discover meaningful answers with PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is a trusted solution - whether you're a real estate entrepreneur, buying your first home, looking for contact information for property owners and residents, and more.