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Go in-depth and narrow down your options quickly with our intuitive address search.

Perform your address search today using PeopleFinders.com. It's easy to get all the information you want about a specific address and its surrounding area. All you have to do is enter the address, and our comprehensive database will take care of the rest. Learn more about the neighborhood, and reach neighbors in case of emergency. Plus, find out the tax value of your home and neighboring houses. Get started with your online address lookup today!

Our Address Database

Our thorough property records data is mined from 120 billion records with more than 1.5 petabytes of data from thousands of different data sources.

A reliable address lookup is more helpful than you may realize. It can provide you with much of the same information that you'd find using other real estate pages. With an address search, you can learn more about the history of your home or business, including previous residents, tax values and a whole lot more. And it doesn't have to stop at just your home; you can also find out more about your neighbors.

When you perform an address lookup using a public records search, you're getting access to millions of records on properties throughout the United States. This gives you the information you need to help you feel safe in your neighborhood and have the current contact information for those who live near you. Get instant results on a property by inputting the address and clicking "Search."

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Why Use PeopleFinders for an Address Search?

Plenty of services say they can get you all the information you need on your house, but many of them don't access the wealth of public records available. PeopleFinders goes through multiple public records databases to give you complete details on millions of addresses all over the country. Find out quickly how much your house is really worth—or a house you’re interested in buying--and then look up the tax value of neighbors’ properties. Learn more about any businesses in your area or if you have a criminal living near you. With our address lookup, you can learn these details and more about your property and neighborhood.

Address Info

Locate People – learn who lives where, anywhere in the United States.

An address search not only shows you where someone lives currently, but where someone used to live, making it a great tool for finding people. See where people have lived and when they moved (and to where). The results of an address search also include phone numbers, so you can locate anyone's latest contact info to get in touch fast.

Property Values

Know what your home is worth – get the tax value of both your house and your neighbor's.

In this ever-changing housing market, it's important to know how much your house is worth. With an address lookup, you can find the tax value for your house to determine the overall value of your property. You can also find the values of your neighbors’ houses and see how your home measures up.


Get in touch with your neighbors – find current contact data for people living nearby.

Too many neighbors these days are relative strangers. If someone has recently moved in down the street, look up the address to locate your new neighbors’ names, phone numbers, and other contact information to introduce yourself and get to know them. Such contact info is also good to have in case of emergencies, or if you want to reach people about joining a neighborhood watch.

Criminal Records

Is your neighborhood safe? – find out if there are criminals living in your area.

Like most people, you want to feel safe in your home. You can sleep better knowing more about the people in your neighborhood. With an address search, you can learn more about your neighbors and find out if there are criminals or sex offenders living near you. With access to millions of criminal records, you can find details on just about anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I do an address lookup on peoplefinders.com?
Enter the street number and name, city and state of the known address. PeopleFinders will then find any public information associated with that address.
Can I find addresses for free on peoplefinders.com?
Unfortunately, no. To help you find a person's address or other contact information, we charge a nominal fee.
How can I search for an address from a mobile number?
To find an address starting with a cellphone number, go to our Reverse Phone Lookup page. Enter the number in question, and you should be able to get access to the owner's information, including known addresses.
How do I lookup address owner information?
Enter the address in question into the search fields above. We will pull up public information associated with that address, including current and past owners.
How do I search by address?
With our Address Lookup, enter the full address into the search fields. You will need the street number and name, as well as the city and state.
How do I search for an address by name?
To find an address starting with a name, go to our People Search page and enter the name of the person in question. After confirming you have the right person, you have the option of seeing the public information available about them, including their current and past addresses.
How do I search for an address using a telephone number?
If you want to find the address associated with a phone number, go to our Reverse Phone Lookup page. Enter the full number to see the owner of that number. From there, you have the option to access the other public information about that person, including their address.

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