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Cheating is nothing if not complicated. Cheaters are always trying to figure out the best ways to avoid detection, whereas their partners are always trying to figure out ways to trap them.

That cat-and-mouse game means it becomes more difficult to cheat at the same time it becomes more difficult to catch a cheater. Here’s what you need to know, whether you’re on the cheating end or the other side.

Understanding Cheaters

The first thing to learn has to do with the demographics of cheaters. Who’s more likely to cheat? If it seems like men are more likely to cheat, the numbers back that up, although not necessarily as prominently as you might think.

Twenty-one percent of men, compared to 13 percent of women, have admitted to cheating. (However, a full 41 percent of men and 28 percent of women have considered it at some point.) On the other hand, 85 percent of women think cheating is always wrong, and only 75 percent of men think it’s always wrong. These numbers work out to about a six percent chance of being cheated on every year, with a 25 percent chance of being cheated on eventually.

There are also five ways that cheaters are generally caught, and all of them have different percentages of possibility.

  • Phone messages (39%)
  • Emails (22%)
  • Lying about whereabouts (20%)
  • Seen out and about (14%)
  • Informed by a friend (5%)

Although these demographics show that men are more likely to cheat, women still do cheat, just at a lower rate. That means no matter your partner’s gender, you need to think about cheating. And if you’re going to cheat, you still need to cover your tracks.

cheater cheated

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How to Cheat

If you’re planning to cheat, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make it more difficult to be found out. Here are a couple of ways you may be able to escape suspicion.

Maintain an Unassuming Demeanor

One of the most important things you can do is avoid suspicion in the first place. You want to make sure you’re completely unassuming, so there’s no reason for someone to suspect you’re doing anything strange. You can use some apps to hide potentially incriminating videos, pictures and chats, including the following:

  • Hushed
  • Avira Vault
  • Signal
  • Game Lock

These methods can help you avoid suspicion.

Avoid Obvious Traps

There are a few more common ways you might get caught cheating, and these are the most important things to avoid. For example, doing all of these things will significantly decrease the probability of getting caught:

  • Lock your phone.
  • Permanently delete computer files.
  • Don’t save pictures.
  • Don’t talk to someone else in the same room as your partner. 

It might take more work, but this will significantly increase your chances of getting away with cheating.

Separate Your Real Persona and Your Cheating Persona 

One of the best things you can do is make sure you have a cheating persona and a real persona. The things you do with your cheating persona are only things you do with that persona, and the same goes for the real persona. These are a few ways to remove yourself from your cheating persona:

  • Create new usernames and passwords.
  • Never use your real name online.
  • Take completely new selfies to avoid reverse image searches.

When you separate these personas, you can avoid having your behaviors change around your significant other, which is often one of the things that will tip them off.

Keep an Eye on Your Information

Lastly, it’s crucial to remember that other people can also access whatever information is out there about you. Every so often, it’s a good idea to trawl the internet and other sources so you can know what information other people can learn about you. Try using a public record search engine to do your own identity monitoring on yourself.

How to Catch a Cheater 

What if you’re worried that your partner is cheating instead? Trying to catch a cheater can be even more difficult than cheating without getting caught. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to catching a cheater.

Do Research on Your Own

First and foremost, you want to look at what other people have already noted about the habits of cheaters. Most commonly, people will do the same things over and over again. And if they’re cheating, they’re probably not going to be breaking a lot of new ground.

Doing your own research may include phrases like this:

  • Is my boyfriend cheating on me?
  • How can I know if someone’s cheating?
  • What do people do when they cheat?
  • I think my girlfriend is cheating on me.
  • How to discover cheating

These types of searches on the internet can give you an idea of things to look out for when you suspect your partner is cheating on you. 

Know the Most Common Cheating Apps

There are many apps that facilitate cheating, some of which are built around having affairs and some of which are more general dating or social media apps. These are some of the most common apps people tend to use to cheat:

  • Ashley Madison
  • Snapchat
  • Lovoo
  • Tinder
  • Instagram
  • Bumble

As you can see, it’s a mix between social media and dating apps, with Ashley Madison, an affair site, the prime suspect. Even apps like Venmo can be used for cheating, especially if your partner is sending money to someone with whom they’re having an affair.

Pay Attention to General Indications of Cheating

When someone’s cheating, they’re more likely to be doing certain things. If your partner is engaging in any of these behaviors, it’s much more likely that they’re cheating:

  • Guarding their phone or computer
  • Staying late at work
  • Going into other rooms to answer calls
  • Trying to be alone more often 

These are all indications that your partner could be hiding something, not necessarily that they’re cheating. This means it’s important to do more to find out whether or not your partner is actually cheating on you. 

Don’t Accuse Your Partner Without Evidence

Before you accuse your partner of cheating, you need hard evidence: text messages, photos, phone records and more. You can’t just accuse your partner without evidence, because chances are they’ll deny it and cover their tracks better moving forward. If you’re looking for evidence, you may be able to find it online, via social media or a public records site. That way, you can keep an eye on your partner more effectively.


Whether cheater or cheated on, the entire process of cheating is complicated and difficult. Sure, it’s always best not to cheat, but if you’re going to, there are plenty of ways to stay out of trouble. On the other hand, there are also plenty of ways to find out your partner, especially if your partner isn’t very good at covering their tracks.

For more information about cheating and other relationship issues, you can read more on the PeopleFinders Blog.

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