Learn More About Protecting Your Identity

Many people don’t consider identity monitoring options, simply because they don’t think their information is in any real danger. (These people learn the truth too late...after their information and reputation has been compromised.) There are many ways that identity theft monitoring can help you, largely because there are many ways your personal information can get out.

Data Breaches

This is one of the most common ways that people lose track of their personal information, mostly because they have little to no control over it. Even if you’re very careful about the companies to whom you give your information, some high-profile companies experience data breaches just like companies that are less equipped to handle security concerns.

Sometimes you don’t have a choice in the matter. With some data breaches, you could end up with compromised information even if you personally never did business with a company. That’s why it’s so important to consistently monitor your identity.

Shady Buyers and Sellers

When you make purchases, especially online, there’s always a chance for identity theft. Even if you’re very careful to screen the people from whom you buy, everyone makes mistakes. Those mistakes are exactly why it’s so important to always think about identity theft monitoring.

At worst, these companies may sell your information on the dark web. Even if they just sell your information to advertisers, those advertisers might have lax security that winds up in a data breach. It’s important to stay aware of these potential issues so you know how to protect yourself.

Accidental Breaches

Especially in the early days of the internet, it was pretty common to essentially leak your own information. Whether it was MySpace posts with your phone number or Facebook posts with your home address, you might be surprised at the amount of personal information that people have distributed across the internet without really thinking about it.

However, that isn’t necessarily limited just to the days of the early internet. Especially if you’re not very experienced with the internet as a whole, it’s surprisingly easy to reveal your personal information accidentally. With identity theft monitoring, you can get a pretty good idea about where the information originated. With that, you can clean up information you’ve left across the internet.

What Is the Dark Web?

A term you’ll hear very frequently when discussing identity theft monitoring is the “dark web.” Some people just use it as an umbrella term to describe the scary parts of the internet, but it does actually have a specific definition. These are some of the hallmarks of the dark web:

Complete Anonymity

One of the reasons the dark web is both very useful and sometimes very dangerous is that you can achieve complete anonymity through it. In order to access it, you have to use a specific browser; traditional browsers can’t access dark web sites. The browser sends your internet access through a variety of proxies, making it nearly impossible to trace your dark web browsing history. With the lack of a dark web search index like Google, it’s also possible to create dark web sites that are essentially private.

This can be very helpful for some people with legitimate concerns. It’s been especially helpful for people who live in highly isolated or censored countries and people doing activism work because it makes their work harder to track by corrupt individuals. On the other hand, the anonymity of the dark web means that it’s also easy to do illegal things. Even if you don’t use the dark web, it’s important to remember that it exists. Identity theft monitoring can help you stay safe from anything happening on the dark web.

Often Illegal Purchasing Options

The anonymity associated with the dark web has created a thriving black market. Some of the things that people sell are relatively harmless, like counterfeit bills and discount films. Although these are still illegal and can have an impact on the greater world economy, they don’t often have a direct or dramatic impact on an individual’s life.

On the other hand, some items that people sell on the dark web definitely impact people’s lives. You probably won’t have to worry about this, especially if you don’t plan on ever accessing the dark web. Law enforcement does its best to crack down on dark web crime as much as possible, but identity theft monitoring can allow you to keep all of your personal data safe if it does end up on the dark web.

Information Selling

This is the most important part when it comes to identity theft protection, and it’s definitely an important thing to remember. Much of the dark web economy doesn’t revolve around the scarier concepts that you’ve no doubt heard of in movies and TV shows. Rather, it’s built on trading information that people can use to scam or spam regular consumers.

On the dark web, people can find individuals’ Social Security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards, and other important personal identification. The good thing to know is that banks and professional institutions know this happens, and they’re pretty good at thwarting it whenever possible. But it’s important to keep identity theft monitoring in mind for the times that your bank doesn’t catch it.

How Will PeopleFinders Help Me Maintain My Identity Privacy?

Although this can all seem very scary, it’s definitely manageable. You just need to make sure that you have the tools you need for effective identity theft monitoring. PeopleFinders has everything you need to do just that.

Discover if Your Information Is Available Online

With PeopleFinders, it’s easy to discover if your information is available somewhere on the internet. You just have to perform a people search on yourself and look through the information that PeopleFinders offers.

When you use PeopleFinders, you’ll be able to find billions of records on millions of American adults, which makes PeopleFinders the biggest people search engine on the internet. For effective identity theft monitoring, you need the best people search engine, and PeopleFinders lives up to that.

Keep an Eye on Your Personal Information

When you perform a people search, you’ll also be able to see where you may have accidentally left information across the internet. Instead of worrying about accidental breaches that may or may not have happened, you can instead use PeopleFinders to check what’s happened with your information on the internet. It’s a helpful starting point, so you know where you should go to clean up your internet presence.

It’s not uncommon to leave personal information on the internet accidentally, especially if you’ve been online for a long time. You might even continue to do so at times without realizing it. That’s why you need to constantly use the identity theft monitoring tools PeopleFinders offers. It makes it easier for you to see if or when you’ve made a mistake.

Check People Before Giving Out Your Information

One of the best things you can do with PeopleFinders is maintain your security during personal interactions. If you’re planning to buy an item from someone on Craigslist, you can use the criminal records search to make sure that the person in question is safe for you to meet. If you want to buy from an online store that you’re not quite sure about, you can use the reverse phone lookup on a customer service number to make sure it’s legit.

By proactively taking steps toward your personal safety, you also protect your personal information. PeopleFinders provides you with the tools you need to keep yourself safe. By extension, that keeps your personal data safe. It’s easy to use and provides the best results, paired with the most accessibility. That’s exactly what you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get identity monitoring on peoplefinders.com?

On PeopleFinders, you can perform searches on yourself to check that public information about you is correct. Setting up alerts will notify you if any of your information changes.

Can I get identity monitoring for free on peoplefinders.com?

It takes a lot of time and resources to collect and maintain the amount of data we have in our database. To recoup the costs involved, we do have to charge for access to that information.

How do I monitor identity theft?

Identity monitoring is a great way to recognize, and then stop, identity theft. If your information changes without your consent, you will be able to find out right away and go to the source to put an end to it.

Can I monitor others' identity?

In the cases of illness or infirmity, your loved ones may not be able to protect their identities themselves. If needed, you can keep an eye on their information just as easily as yours.

What is identity monitoring?

Identity monitoring is the process by which a third-party service keeps an eye on your sensitive information, notifies you of any suspicious changes and, in some cases, puts protections into place, so you don't have to.

How much does identity monitoring cost?

Cost varies depending on the levels of notification and protection you require, as well as the identity monitoring company you choose. Several plans start under $10 a month.

What app to download to monitor your identity?

We, of course, recommend IdentityWatch by PeopleFinders. It will notify you of hacking attempts, help to block spam calls, and more.

How Could My Identity Be Stolen?