Learn More About How to Track a Phone

Are you a parent wanting to keep an eye on your child when they're away from home? Need to find your lost or stolen phone? Then, you may be interested in tracking a phone from a different location. Here are some phone tracking tools that can help you.

GPS Tracking

GPS allows you to get a direct location on a phone, updated minute by minute so you can really have a full picture of where the phone is. The GPS capability is standard on pretty much all phone models; it's even standard on older phone models that don't quality as smartphones.

There are certain GPS tracker apps that are designed to work with a particular model of cell phone. Apple, Google and Samsung all have their own versions of "find my phone" apps. Or you can always refer to a compatible third-party GPS tracker app, if there are other bells and whistles you may require in addition to the simple tracking functionality.

An app may use a combination of GPS and other information, like Bluetooth, to give the best information about where a phone is. You can see this in mapping apps, like Google Maps and Waze, which can sometimes predict where someone is down to a few feet to provide the best mapping information.

Find a Person's Location

If you want to know where a person lives, rather than just where the person's phone is, you might actually want to look into a PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup. This will not provide you with a real-time update of where a person's phone is. Instead, the reverse phone lookup gives you access to information about the person who owns the phone.

Start by entering a phone number, and see what comes up. You may find the owner name (current as well as any past owners), their address and other phone numbers, not to mention the kind of phone it is (cell phone or landline), and the phone service provider.

How Else Can a Reverse Phone Lookup Help?

A PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup doesn't just stop with basic information about a person and where they live. You can also potentially acquire a whole range of other public records information.

Find Other Methods of Contact

Do you prefer email to calling or texting? A reverse phone lookup may help you find a variety of other ways to contact the person in question, which can make it much easier than picking up the phone. Do you like to email? Would you rather send them an actual letter through the mail? You can find the email and mailing addresses, to do either.

Plus, with the email addresses you can see on the PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup, you can often find a person's social media profiles and usernames, as well.

Discover Criminal History

In addition to basic contact information, you could dig a little deeper, which could reveal the presence of a person's criminal records. It's difficult to consider the possibility of someone you know possibly having a violent or criminal past, but it's important to at least think about it. Unfortunately, that does sometimes mean coming to terms with the evidence of your friend or significant other having a violent past. But after all, isn't it better to have all the facts before coming to a decision?

Just keep in mind that there are lots of nuances that comes along with a criminal history. So, just because you see something dangerous doesn't inherently mean that you should kick this person out of your life entirely. It may require a little more research in order to get the proper context/logical explanation.

Verify an Identity

Is the person to whom the phone belongs really who they say they are? Probably. But then again, maybe not. By performing a reverse phone lookup, you can see the name of the phone's owner. If you discover a different name than what the person told you, be cautious moving forward. Anyone who's hiding or lying about their identity may also be hiding some other unsavory things about themselves.

Or maybe they just borrowed the phone, and that's why you see a different name as the phone's real owner. Either way, the reason why they have a phone with a different name attached to it warrants at least some discussion.

Where Does a Reverse Phone Lookup Get Its Information?

If you're not quite sure how a reverse phone lookup can reveal such extensive information, look no further. These are some of the records that PeopleFinders uses to help provide you with all this information.

Phone Records

Phone records are actually public records --- records that are available publicly to allow for better transparency in a wide variety of areas. You can't just go and request the records, however, as most courts and county recorder's offices charge fairly high administrative fees. You might find that it costs you up to $30 to retrieve just one record, then even more for printing and additional retrieval fees.

Rather than go to all that trouble, you can get the opportunity to see phone records when you perform a PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup. This reverse phone lookup makes it much easier for you to find out more about the people around you. You deserve to have the information you need, even if that information reveals the person is someone you don't actually want in your life.

Vital Records

Again, vital records are public records. These records can also help you verify your friends' identities. They include important life events like birth and death certificates, both of which can help you learn about whether or not a person is telling the truth about their age or where they were born.

Though this doesn't have a lot to do with the phone number exactly, it has a lot to do with the general information behind the phone number. Because you get access to public records when you perform your reverse phone lookup, these vital records play a huge part in ensuring that you're getting the right information.

Address and Property Records

When you perform your PeopleFinders reverse phone lookup, you may see the person's home address, which you can use to track information about the person's home life and other special knowledge. This is incredibly useful because you can really learn more about a person by understanding where that person lives.

With access to available property records, you can answer questions like, when did this person move in? Where did the person move from? You can answer these questions and more, starting with a reverse phone lookup.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can peoplefinders.com help with phone tracking?

While PeopleFinders can help you to learn more about a particular phone number, who it belongs to, and their address we do not provide any real time location or phone tracking services.

Can I find phone tracking information for free on peoplefinders.com?

You can see the general location of a phone's service area. But for more information about the person behind a phone number, you will need to pay for a complete reverse phone report.

How can I do research on phone tracking online?

There are some online sources to help you track a person's phone. However, you need to consider the legal and moral ramifications of doing so.

How do public records help with phone tracking?

Public records cannot help with phone tracking, per so. But they can tell you about the person who owns a certain phone number, including their current address.

Where else can I go to get information about tracking a phone?

You could speak to a private investigator or legal representative to discuss your options when it comes to phone tracking.

How Can I Track a Phone?