Learn More About Public Records and Relationships

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or you’re considering starting one, it might surprise you to find out that public records can be helpful. How can these records help you?

Staying Safe in Online Dating

One of the biggest drawbacks of online dating is that you don’t really know the person at all before you start your relationship. For your first date, you’ll probably feel only slightly closer than you would if it had been a blind date. This can be an amazing start to a relationship, but the fact that neither of you knows each other very well can be a little concerning.

You can get over that uncertainty with public records. Before you set up your first date, use PeopleFinders to perform a criminal records search on your match. If you don’t see any sex offenses or violent crimes, you can continue planning your date safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to preoccupy yourself with your safety during the date.

Learning About a New Partner

Any time you get together with a new partner, there’s going to be an adjustment period as you learn more about each other. Some of this is normal and fun. Do they like bleu cheese? Have they ever been outside the country? Did they move a lot growing up?

But one thing you don’t want to just guess about is your safety. Every time you officially start a new relationship, it’s important to use PeopleFinders to perform a public records search. That way you can make sure your new significant other tells the truth about the past, which is very important when you move toward the future.

Investigating a Partner’s Suspicious Behavior

Lots of people worry about if a partner will cheat on them. If you start to see suspicious behavior that might imply a cheating relationship, you’ll want to tackle that issue as soon as possible. But what if all you have is a gut feeling and your partner’s strange work schedule? That’s not remotely enough to properly accuse your significant other of cheating.

Instead, turn again to PeopleFinders. When you perform a people search on someone, you can get a variety of information like phone numbers and carriers, email address records and general knowledge. That contact information is especially important. If you don’t know one of these email addresses or phone numbers, that could mean they’re hiding something from you. That’s where you need to look.

What Type of Public Records Can Help in Relationships?

“Public records” is a huge category that stretches across a variety of record types. So what type of records can help you more fully explore a relationship?

Criminal Records

If you’re trying to get more information about whether a person is safe, you’re going to want to perform a criminal records check. The name is pretty self-explanatory; it offers a variety of records pertaining to an individual’s criminal history. That can include arrests, convictions, jail time, and any other records regarding an individual’s criminal background.

It’s not always easy to parse criminal records because there are so many moving parts and specialized vocabulary within the world of law. But PeopleFinders can help provide you with the criminal records you need, so that you can then take as much time as you need to try and understand them.

Vital Records

Who is the person you’re really talking to? Vital records can actually be an important part of verifying a person’s identity. Vital records include birth and death records as well as anything else regarding important efforts in a person’s life, such as marriage records. These are all very useful when you’re trying to make sure someone’s telling you the truth.

A PeopleFinders public records search will return not only vital records but also a variety of additional records--property records, contact information, etc.--that can help you pinpoint if your significant other is lying to you or not.

Phone Records

Although you might not start off actually talking to a potential significant other on your phone, sooner or later that person is probably going to give you a phone number. Most people in the world have a phone, and the number is extremely high in America, with over 80% of Americans owning a smartphone and even more owning some kind of cell phone or landline.

As soon as you have a phone number, you can use a reverse phone lookup to get more information about the owner of that phone number. In your case, that includes your significant other. You can also go the opposite way — perform a people search on your significant other and look through the listed phone numbers. If you notice any currently active numbers that you don’t recognize, that might be cause for concern.

How Can I Get the Right Public Records?

Now that you have an idea of how public records might be helpful for relationships, it’s time to actually get ahold of them. What’s the best way to find public records for your relationship?

Courthouses and Records Archives

Because the court considers these records “public” records, it does technically mean you can access them on your own. Courthouses and records archives, both local and national, tend to be the best place for you to find these records. You can find a variety of records referring to a significant number of people in the area just by browsing around.

The catch here is that it usually isn’t free when all’s said and done. Most courthouses and record-keeping archives have a long list of administrative fees that can very quickly add up to a startling amount. If you need a lot of information about your significant other very quickly, your relationship might not be able to handle that waiting period.

Online People Search

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your records searches in as short an amount of time as possible, you should instead head toward an online people search like PeopleFinders. This online people search gives you access to all of the available public records about your significant other, all in one place. It offers one of the largest databases of American adults online — billions of records for many millions of people.

You can do all the research you need from your own home, allowing you to either clear your significant other’s name or implicate them even further. You can work on things over multiple days, pull different records (even if some end up being the wrong records), and much more. You can’t do the same thing with the records at a courthouse.

Maintain Your Safety in a Relationship

No matter where your relationship started or where it is right now, safety should always be your number one concern. Always remember that you deserve to maintain your own safety throughout your relationship, no matter what ends up happening in the relationship you’ve built. One of the important parts of maintaining safety is having access to plenty of information, which is what PeopleFinders is made for.

We deal exclusively with information, and the variety of information on this website can really help you to make better decisions about your relationships, and your life. Whether you’re just meeting someone for the first time, or you’ve been with your significant other for years, getting the facts about them is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can peoplefinders.com help with relationships?

PeopleFinders may be able to help you confirm if a potential date is safe. And we can also help you to catch a cheater in their tracks.

Can I research relationships for free on peoplefinders.com?

Unfortunately, no. The in-depth data you can use to try and confirm or deny your trust in a partner requires payment to access it.

How can I do research on relationships online?

Relationships are central to the human experience. Advice on how to keep relationships strong and happy are similarly ubiquitous. Simply look up relationships for a plethora of advice.

How do public records help relatonships?

Public records can help you to identify unknown phone numbers on your partner's phone. Or they could tell you about a date's criminal history or sex offender status.

Where else can I go to get information about relationships?

Check out the variety of relationship help books and lifestyle magazines. And of course, talk to your friends about their experiences and to get their advice.

Why Use Public Records for Relationships?