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What to Do When You Disagree With Your Partner About a Major Life Decision

handling disagreements in your relationship

Disagreements in relationships are normal; no one in a dedicated relationship is able to agree with a partner 100% of the time. However, these disagreements are typically small and easy to work out. For many of them, it’s easy to just hear each other out respectfully and agree to disagree.

When it comes to where to eat for dinner, which comedy on TV is the best, or even things such as furniture and clothing decisions, disagreements are expected, and are usually easy to work through. The real problem comes when a disagreement is significant.

You may realize that you want kids and your partner doesn’t. Or your partner has his or her heart set on moving to another country and you’d rather just stay where you are now. Those things are grounds for much more serious disagreements. Instead of throwing the whole relationship out, try these tips for working through those important disagreements.

Communicate Early On

Especially if you don’t like conflict, it’s tempting to just ignore the fact that there’s a serious disagreement on the horizon. However, if you just stay quiet, your partner may mistake your silence for approval. And then you’ll probably start storing up resentment and anger. What could have ended in a calm, constructive discussion might instead end in a screaming match that doesn’t go anywhere productive.

Instead of letting your feelings fester, bring up your misgivings early, long before those decisions have had time to go anywhere. Your partner will appreciate your willingness to communicate. And your relationship will be stronger for it.

Find Out if You Can Meet Somewhere in the Middle

There’s a big difference between compromises and solutions. With compromises, both parties usually feel frustrated that they have to give something up. That can lead to resentment just as easily as not talking about it. Rather than compromising, collaborate with your partner on creating a new solution to your problem.

If your partner has surprised you by stating he or she doesn’t want kids, sit down and talk about why. You might end up realizing that you both have similar fears about having kids. Or maybe your partner is worried about having kids in the near future and is more open to having kids several years down the road.

To collaborate effectively, you’ll need to have an open heart, so don’t insist on getting your way. Just sit down and communicate. You’ll probably be surprised at what your conversation ends up accomplishing!

Fix Any Concerns with the Decision

Some of the time, disagreements arise because someone is uncomfortable with the way a decision is being made. For example, you might be okay with your relationship becoming polygamous in theory. But you might be worried about the people your partner could choose to date in that scenario.

In this instance, you can use PeopleFinders to make things a little safer for both of you! With PeopleFinders, you can do background checks on people that you’re worried about. Or you can ensure that you’re not dealing with a catfisher by using the public records check.

Of course, PeopleFinders can help with an argument in your marriage in many other ways. Read the PeopleFinders blog to get more information on how you can use PeopleFinders to stay safe and happy, whether you’re moving to a new country, opening up your relationship, or just trying to keep yourself safe.


When you disagree with your significant other, it’s normal to be unsure about how to proceed. After all, most people don’t want to think about the possibility of having a disagreement so huge that they end up having to actually break up.

There are definitely some things that you shouldn’t compromise on in a relationship. But there are just as many things that you can easily come to an agreement on. All you have to do is make sure you’re willing to actually communicate and try to find a way to fix things, rather than trying to win an argument or prove that you’re better than the other person.

If you need an extra tool to help you fix your disagreements with your partner in a healthy manner, look no further than PeopleFinders. It’s a simple tool that can have endless uses in your daily life.


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