Can I Find Out If Someone Has Been Married Before?

Many people say that the world of dating has changed immensely over the years. Due to rapid technological advancement, most people meet online, use social media platforms to monitor their partners, and even date several people at once.

In other extreme cases, you may find someone who was married before or is still married and does not disclose this critical fact to you. When the reality about this form of romance is out, it will undoubtedly destroy much more than that individual’s marriage. You may also feel terrible realizing your mate hid such an important secret from you for so long if you were one of the people who was lied to.

You may also experience a crisis of conscience, especially if you are morally opposed to marital affairs. The easiest method to avoid these issues is to find out the facts right away. According to various studies, the divorce rate in the United States ranges between 40% – 50%. In turn, this means that there is a high likelihood that your new friend or someone you are dating has been legally married, and possibly several times. Although there is the option to ask them about the matter, other ways to find out their marital status could be more appealing to you.

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How to Check if Someone Has Previously Been Married

Suppose you believe someone is not being honest about their marital status. In that case, it may seem like verifying with a local office to determine if a marriage license exists is the easiest remedy. However, this method is not always straightforward. For instance, what if the person was married in another state?

Furthermore, an individual should have both spouses’ names to get a marriage record in some states. To make matters even more complicated, jurisdictions like Michigan and California permit “secret” or “confidential” or “secret” weddings, which keep marriage records hidden from the public. This implies that the marriage certificate and license of the couple will not appear until a court intervenes.

As such, no amount of study or investigation, short of getting a court order, can aid in the discovery of these kinds of marriages. Below are some sure proof ways to find out if your partner has been married before.

Look Through Public Records

Searching public records, which anybody may do if the state does not have confidentiality barriers, is a surefire method to find out if someone is still married. However, you will not search for marriage records in a single database. It would be best to go to the county courthouse where the marriage or divorce happened in most situations.

You can opt to use the public records in public libraries. However, you must have the person’s first and last name as well as the city and state where they got married for accurate information. Bear in mind that if the individual is still married or divorced halfway across the nation, you must look for information in various databases.

Enlist the Services of a Private Investigator

You can also consider employing a professional investigator to determine if someone has been married without the other person knowing. For roughly $50 per hour, most firms will perform a full-service background investigation, including criminal records, marriage, and divorce records, credit checks, bankruptcies, and more.

An expert investigator should be able to locate all of the divorce and marriage records you want by searching numerous databases in multiple places. Service levels and costs vary, so check around before selecting the most appropriate investigation agency.

Online Searches

Public records contain a wealth of information, and they are available online. In turn, this makes it possible for anyone to find information about practically anyone. Although you may need to pay a fee, a classic Internet search may be enough to find the marriage and divorce records you are searching for.

Although the Internet is not a foolproof technique for determining whether someone is still married or divorced, it is an excellent place to start. Even if no clear answer is found, some of the information obtained online, such as a potential spouse’s complete name, is likely to be valuable to undertake a more detailed search.

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Bottom Line

If you wonder if your partner or new friend was married before or is still married, you must perform a preliminary search. PeopleFinders is an easy-to-use online search tool that will help you gather information on practically anyone. All you need is the first and last name of the individual and the city and state you believe they could be married in. Once you fill in these details, you are well on your way to receiving timely and reliable information. Contact us for more information.

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