Is Adultery A Crime?


Did you know that adultery is technically illegal in 21 states? Not only is it a marriage killer, but the repercussions of a person’s actions can follow them throughout the rest of their lives, especially in our internet-based society. Adultery, in the United States, is when someone goes outside their marriage for sexual gratification. Some people consider emotional relationships as adultery.

While many of these states do not usually enforce such laws criminally, other states have determined that their citizens can sue their spouse’s partner in civil court and use adultery in divorce proceedings, which can change the whole game. But what states consider adultery illegal? Which states allow criminal proceedings and allow you to sue in civil court?

Let’s break it down.

is adultery a crime?

States Where Adultery Is Criminal

In Arizona, adultery is a Class 3 misdemeanor for both cheating parties, which could land them in jail for up to 30 days. Florida adds to this by enforcing a $500 fine and up to another 30 days in jail. Illinois cheaters could be sent to prison for a year. Adultery is also considered a criminal misdemeanor in Kansas, Utah, North Carolina, and Maryland.

There are many states where adultery is considered a felony. This means much higher fines and longer jail, or even prison, sentences for the cheaters. Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Idaho, Michigan, and Wisconsin consider cheating a felony that can send a person to jail for at least a year and force them to pay fines in the thousands.

Oklahoma is perhaps the most severe state when it comes to criminal charges on adulterers with the threat of up to five years in prison for each offense, but Wisconsin‘s fines go all the way up to $10,000 and an adulterer can spend up to three years in prison.

Adultery in the U.S. military is taken very seriously and a person caught or reported could be discharged dishonorably. It does not matter where you are stationed or where you were married.

is adultery a crime?

How Can I Find Out If My Partner Is Cheating?

Many people assume that no matter what, their friends will have their back. Many people also assume that these same friends will vouch for them whenever they need it. This is why most cheaters use their friends as an alibi. But here’s the deal, statistics suggest that up to 60% of people will engage in some form of adultery in their lifetime. Chances are, one of your partner’s friends will understand the emotional intensity of your search for information and give you the details you seek.

You have the right to track your partner. Personal GPS devices can be found in many stores, especially online, and everyone has a cell phone with apps available to track the cell phone’s location, which rarely leaves a person’s pocket or purse. A GPS device placed on a car, or a phone app that records a person’s location, will definitely let you know that you are on the right track and if your search is warranted.

If you have easy access to your partner’s social media sites, you should search there. Many affairs begin on the internet simply because it’s easier and more convenient to meet a wide range of people. At the same time, it is extremely easy to fake a profile in order to hide any questionable activities from a spouse. An excellent way to find out if your partner has set up any suspicious accounts is to use an online people-finder program to search for any strange phone numbers, unfamiliar names, and suspect addresses. The trick is to remain patient while gathering information and to be thorough in your search for answers.

couple arguing adultery

PeopleFinders can help you discover the information you seek quickly and accurately, with discretion. Background information, reverse-phone number searches, and a deep dive into all public records is easy with PeopleFinder’s simple search engine. If you feel that your partner is hiding something from you, contact us. If anyone can find evidence of your partner cheating, it’s us. v

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