9 Romantic Gestures for a Happy Relationship

9 Romantic Gestures for Happy Relationships

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it can be easy to fall into a rut. Things aren’t bad, necessarily. They’re just always the same. Comfortable…but boring.

You may want to bring more excitement to the relationship. But who has the time or energy to make grand gestures all the time? The good thing is that a romantic gesture doesn’t always have to be huge to make a big impact on your relationship.

Here is a list of nine romantic gestures–some big, some small–to ensure your significant other always knows you care and don’t take them for granted:

1. Breakfast in Bed

Skill level: medium. This classic gesture can be as intricate as eggs benedict and freshly squeezed orange juice or as simple as toast and coffee. Just try to match up your significant other’s appetite as well as you can with your culinary skills. Even if it’s not absolutely perfect, your partner is still bound to appreciate the effort.

2. Regular Physical Contact

Skill level: low. As romantic gestures go, this one is pretty simple. And it’s adaptable to pretty much any energy level. It can range in intimacy from simply holding hands to cuddling together on the sofa to, yes, sex. Regularly engaging in some sort of physical contact shows your dedication to maintaining a close bond.

3. Do the Other Person’s Chores

Skill level: varies. Giving your significant other a break when it comes to their household chores is downright sexy, especially when you do it without telling them first. Exactly how much time and effort you need to put into this romantic gesture depends primarily on the difficulty of the specific chore(s), as well as your level of aptitude for them.

4. Play Favorites

Skill level: varies. What does your significant other really like? It could be a favorite meal, movie, or music. Or it could be an activity, like hiking or horseback riding. Whenever you get the chance, make one or more of these favorites the centerpiece of the time you spend together. The fact that you know their favorites is as much a sign of caring as making the effort to partake in them together.

5. Plan a Weekend Away

Skill level: high. This option is at the top of list when it comes to grand romantic gestures. Taking a trip requires fairly extensive planning (reservations, transportation, etc.). And, depending on the destination, it can be on the pricey side. But every once in a while, it’s a wonderfully dramatic way to prove your ongoing regard.

6. Put the Phone Down

Skill level: low. You may not consider this to be a real romantic gesture. Until you consider its deeper meaning, that is. With this, you make the active decision to put the phone, computer, or other device down and focus on the other person. This decision shows your willingness to be present, and to make them and your relationship the center of attention.

7. Mail a Card

Skill level: medium. This gesture isn’t really that difficult, but it does require some legwork. Rather than simply giving your partner a card or gift in person (nothing wrong with that, of course), consider having it delivered instead. It’s fun and surprising. Even better? Send a card or gift for no reason, when your person is least expecting it.

8. Monthly Date Nights

Skill level: medium. Even if you have a busy schedule, taking the time to “date” your significant other once a month should still be quite doable. Dressing up and getting out of the house helps to break up any day-to-day monotony. It gives you both the opportunity to focus on each other. And it can be really fun trying out new places together.

9. Tell Them You Love Them

Skill level: low. This one is so easy. Yet, it is also one of the things that people can forget to do with any regularity. At least once every day, look your significant other in the eye and say those three little words. Those words, and the focus with which you say them, can be at once incredibly powerful, exciting, and comforting.

As you can see, there are romantic gestures you can perform regardless of your schedule, energy level, or financial situation. There is always something you can do to show you care and mix things up. Big or small, these gestures can help to both reinforce your bond and reinvigorate your relationship.

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