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Where Can I Find Some Good News?

Where Can I Find Good NewsIt seems like anywhere you look, all you see is bad news. The pandemic, social and political unrest, natural disasters, people being mean to each other; such things dominate the headlines these days. Not to mention all the conflict and negativity you might see on social media and even experience out in public.

Certainly there must be some good news somewhere, you might think. But where? And why, do you think, do you feel compelled to search out uplifting news anyway?

Mental Well-Being

If you’ve been feeling anxious, angry and/or depressed lately, it’s no wonder. It is common sense to conclude that if all you see or read about is negative, you’re bound to feel negative. The reverse would also be true. But sticking only to good news would leave a person ignorant of the important manners happening in America and around the world.

For the sake of your mental health as well as staying well-informed, it’s important to achieve some sense of balance. As it is with so many things, moderation is key.

Browse through news sites, watch local news, and scan your social media accounts just as much as you need to feel informed on the day’s events. But don’t dwell in it too much. When you start to get stressed, try to counteract that feeling by reading a story about a puppy making friends with a turtle, or about people who have helped their elderly neighbors with their yardwork for free.

Such “puff pieces” may not be dramatic or stir up the extreme passions in people that hard-hitting articles about the climate, election fraud, or COVID death rates can. But especially these days, we feel they actually have a very important role to play.

Reading about things that are kind and innocent is exactly what people need to feel at least a little more hopeful and light-hearted. And having that sort of informational balance could help to provide a more optimistic perspective on things. You can still be realistic about matters, but your overall conclusion about them does not automatically have to be that all is lost.

Good News Sources

You have perhaps heard of the “Some Good News” web series on YouTube? John Krasinski’s playful and kind take on the news felt almost revolutionary when it started. But it is by no means the only avenue you have to feel better about things.

So, where else can you go to find the dose of positivity you need? Most major news sources have a “good news” section available on their web sites. And there are some sites where uplifting news is all they do, including:

Pass It Along

If you find something that makes you feel better–at least a little bit–isn’t that something you would want to share with others to help them feel the same way? If you find an article, video, or image particularly affecting, make a point of sharing it on your social media.

And just like that, you become the bearer of good news that your family and friends likely need. The ripple effect will probably be subtle but still very real, and no doubt as much a relief for your loved ones as it has been for you.

For more information about current events–good or bad–check out the News articles available on the PeopleFinders blog.

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Nissa has been the Digital Copywriter for PeopleFinders since 2018. She loves researching new topics, and then providing readers with information that is (hopefully) interesting and helpful.

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