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How to Catch Your Significant Other in a Lie

catch your partner in a lie

Lying is a big clue that something is wrong in a relationship. Beyond the obvious break in open communication, one of the biggest reasons that you might be worried your significant other is lying to you is because they could be hiding an affair. If you track down the source of the lies, you can see if it’s an affair or something else. Then you can decide whether you should confront your partner about it. Instead of just waiting and hoping for a confession, here are some ways to catch your significant other red-handed.

Pay Attention to Little Lies

When people tell little white lies, they often don’t feel like they’re doing anything wrong. Unfortunately, when they start to get used to telling little lies, being comfortable telling bigger lies isn’t far behind. That can build to the point where your partner may not even feel bad about hiding an affair from you.

Say your significant other tells you that he or she went to the mall, but the car’s navigation says something different. There’s likely something wrong, even if it’s not something illicit.

Little lies are often easy to catch, and as such are especially easy to document. After all, the navigation is probably telling the truth. And it’s easy to bring something like that up as evidence when necessary during the ultimate confrontation. Keeping a record of white lies will make your case stronger when you break the news that you know about the bigger lies.

Stay Close with Your Partner’s Friends

People will often bring friends into lies, asking them to cover in case of an emergency. This can be used under relatively mild circumstances, such as a high schooler getting a friend to confirm they were studying together, when in fact it was a marathon gaming session. However, as you get older, those lies can turn into something much more serious. Saying that you went to the mall with someone who actually went to go see a lover is leagues away from lying about homework.

Most people don’t feel good about keeping important secrets, and they might have even more issues with keeping secrets for another person. Even if they’re close with someone, they don’t want to be part of the lie. When you’re also close with people in your significant other’s circle of friends, their loyalty to you can be just as important as their loyalty to your partner. It’s much more likely that you’ll get information straight from the source if you stay in the same general circles as your partner.

Check the Facts Being Hidden

If your partner is hiding an affair, he or she is going to have to communicate with that person somehow. That communication might be through a dating app, via a website, over text, or even in person. If you can get that information, you’ll likely have all you need. After all, if your partner has an app for an affair-specific website, there’s no way to refute that evidence. If you can trace some steamy texts back to someone who’s supposedly “just a friend,” then you have a leg up in your quest for proof. All you have to do is find that information.

With a public information search engine like PeopleFinders, you can start to get hard data on your significant other’s whereabouts. You can try the reverse phone search to get the name of the person he’s been texting frequently, and then discover where that person lives using the address lookup. With all the powerful tools PeopleFinders offers, you’re sure to catch your partner’s lies.


No one ever wants to learn that a significant other is cheating. It can be devastating to you, your family, and even your friends. However, even worse than knowing you’re being cheated on is not knowing. If your significant other is lying to you, you deserve to know, even if it hurts. Don’t just allow the lies to continue until the other person comes to you. Use PeopleFinders to get that information yourself, and gain the upper hand.

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