Guide To Investing Your Money in 2022

investment advice for 2022

Investments are, to some extent, a bit of a gamble. That’s why they can pay off, because there’s also the possibility that you could lose the money you’ve invested. However, there are some investments that are a bit smarter on average. If you’re looking to invest your money as best as possible, here are a few of the things to look out for when investing in 2022.

Potentially Good Investment Options

First and foremost, what are some of the great investment options coming your way in 2022? Here are three tips some of the biggest names in investing are recommending you invest in.

1. ESG Investing

ESG investing stands for “Environmental and Social Governance investing.” It’s a type of investing where people consider the social impact of companies as much as they consider options like profit. Investing in companies that intentionally have a positive environmental and social impact on the world may be a good option in 2022.

2. Luxury Goods Makers

Though it may seem surprising, many luxury goods makers actually performed very well during the COVID-19 pandemic. That means moving forward, luxury goods makers may end up performing even better. Investing in these companies can be a good shot right now, especially because many people are passing these companies over in exchange for the companies that seem more crucial during COVID-19.

3. Tech Companies

Tech companies have seen big booms during the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are some companies whose boom has been obvious, like that of Zoom, many companies, including Facebook and Google, have seen boosts to their user bases and their revenues during the pandemic. That means investing in these companies can be beneficial while the COVID-19 pandemic is still happening.

Investment Options To Reconsider

While there are some investment options that are looking much more beneficial in 2022, there are also some that experts are recommending you reconsider. These three investment options might not be the best in 2022.

1. Bonds

Bonds are a type of investment that is often considered extremely secure. With a bond, you purchase the bond currently, typically from the government. In a certain number of years, you’ll receive the bond’s face price back, with interest added. However, many experts are avoiding bonds, as they’re concerned that inflation over the next few years will actually exceed current bond yields, making the bonds worth less than they would in other time periods.

2. Oil and Gas Companies

Although many oil and gas companies noted incredibly high returns in 2021, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a good option in 2022. Demand and prices will likely stabilize in 2022, and increased ESG investing may mean that oil and gas companies aren’t a great choice when it comes to long-term investing strategies.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has become a huge trend in recent years, and many people are wondering whether they’re a good investment strategy right now. Currently, investment experts are referring to cryptocurrency as speculation more than investment. As government agencies are starting to regulate cryptocurrencies more, they may become a better investment or a worse investment, and the state of crypto is so volatile that it’s impossible to predict it. Right now, you’re better off investing in more traditional arenas.


Investments are always growing and changing, and in 2022, there are a number of investments you may want to consider, as well as investments you might want to pass on. This guide can help you understand what investments are a good option for you, as well as what investments aren’t as good a choice this year. That way, you can understand what to put your money into if you want the best returns in 2022. If you’re looking to stay up to date on all sorts of current events, check out the PeopleFinders blog. You can learn all sorts of things about investing more effectively and keeping yourself and your family safe.

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