Essential Gifts To Give Your Child’s Teacher All Year Round

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It’s very common for parents to want to give their child’s teacher a gift that shows how grateful they are for their teaching. However, that inevitably runs into the problem of “What should you give?” The good news is that there are a couple of gifts that are bound to be helpful and beloved all year round. Here are a few things to give, as well as a couple to avoid.

1. Personalized Pencils

Personalized pencils are a great way for teachers to keep an eye on their belongings. You can buy hundreds of personalized pencils for a very low price, which means teachers can have more exciting pencils for their classroom without having to purchase them individually.

2. High-Quality Marking Pens

Teachers spend a lot of time grading papers and marking tests, and if you can help them do it more easily, all the better. Purchasing an ergonomic pen for a teacher or buying a pack of bright-colored pens can help a teacher grade papers a little more easily.

3. A Cute Lanyard

Lanyards are often a must-have for teachers, especially in America, where school security tends to be very high. A nice lanyard can help a teacher keep their school ID and any other school papers they need to have all the time. Plus, if your child knows a teacher likes something specific, you can even get a themed lanyard that a teacher will love.

4. Sturdy Tote Bags

Many teachers have to bring a lot of things to and from school every day. A tote bag could be the perfect tool to help teachers carry things with them. Plus, if you decide to get one with a personalized name on it, that can make the bag even more special.

5. Personalized Stationery

Many teachers use email for most of their messaging needs, but every so often, they may need to write something by hand. In those cases, personalized stationery can make a big difference. Getting something that’s professional and elegant can allow a teacher to feel proud of the handwritten notes they do need to send.

Gifts To Avoid

What about gifts that might not be right for a teacher? Here are a few gifts you might want to steer clear of.

  • Alcohol

Some teachers may enjoy an alcoholic gift, but it’s important to check with the teacher before you give one. Many people don’t drink, either for personal or religious reasons, so alcohol should be off the table until you know a teacher.

  • Mugs

Everyone loves a cute mug from time to time, but teachers tend to get a lot of these, and there are only so many your kitchen cabinets can hold. Try to find something that’s not a mug to avoid filling up your teacher’s cabinets.

  • Candles and Lotions

These can be a great gift for a teacher you know well, but scents are one of the things that many people are allergic to. If you’re going to get something like a lotion, either buy one the teacher already uses or get one that’s unscented and just good for the skin.

  • Tchotchkes and Kitschy Décor 

If there’s a piece of décor that may fill a need, like a plaque for a teacher’s name, this can make a good gift. However, small pieces of décor can just end up gathering dust for years on shelves, which can be more of a nuisance than a thoughtful gift.

How To Find Your Teacher’s Contact Information

If you want to give a gift directly to a teacher, you’ll need to contact them first. A teacher’s contact information may be available directly through the school, but in case you can’t find it, it’s also possible to use PeopleFinders to get that contact information. A people search can lead you to information like a teacher’s address, email address and phone number, making it easy to get in touch.


There are plenty of great gifts you can give your child’s teacher to thank them for the often thankless work they’re putting into educating the next generation. If you’re looking for the right gift for a teacher, these options are a great place to start. You’ll be able to improve the teacher’s life and make them realize how much they’re appreciated for their job.

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