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How to Find and Thank Your Old Teachers

School is an important part of many people’s lives. Some people meet their best friends in high school. Some meet their significant others. It’s when many people start broadening their horizons to learn more about the world, and to form their own opinions about it.

Whether you loved it or hated it, it’s likely that there was at least one teacher who made a significant impact on you. It’s a common experience. Sometimes, when you look back on high school, you may get the desire to thank those teachers. But if it’s been a long time, how do you find them?

Here’s a short guide to help you find and tell those teachers about the impact they’ve made on your life:

-Call the school

-Talk to high school friends

-Check social media

-Conduct a people search

Talk to the school

Even if it’s been more than a decade, there’s every possibility that the teacher is still working at your high school. After all, many teachers don’t retire until they’ve been working for at least 30 years.

If they’re still working at the same school, it will make your life substantially easier. You can send them an email or just call their extension and talk to them.

Look up your school and call them. The internet has made that step substantially easier! Do an internet search for your school, and they’ll likely have contact information on their website. So, you can call and ask if a teacher still works there.

Even if this option hits a dead end, you still have plenty of other options.

Ask your high school friends

Perhaps the same teacher who had a significant impact on you also impacted some of your friends as well. If you still keep in contact with any of your friends from high school, try asking them if they’ve reached out to the teacher!

Some of your friends might have contacted him or her recently or have kept in contact over the years. They may have heard something that could give you a hint as to where to find them. Either way, it’s a good starting point.

Look around on social media

If your teacher was elderly when you attended school, they might not be on social media now. On the other hand, older people do still use social media frequently. Facebook has over two billion monthly users, which means that there’s a good chance that you can find something about your former teacher. Even if they aren’t on a social media site frequently, if you can find a profile or a profile of one of their children or relatives, you can use that information to try to get in touch with them.

Or you can avoid social media altogether. Start with a Google search of your old teacher’s full name and the name of your high school. That might really be able to get you somewhere!

Use an online people search

If you have a yearbook, you more than likely have your teacher’s full name. Combine that with the city and state your high school was in to get a head start on finding them using a people search. This kind of dedicated online search is a great way to find information that can help you get in touch with your old high school teachers.

An online people search can help you get detailed contact information about a person, from email addresses to current phone numbers, which you can use to reach out to them via many different avenues. Or, if you have an old phone number that doesn’t work anymore, try a reverse phone lookup to try and find your teacher’s current contact information.


If you’ve had a difficult time finding ways to get in contact with your high school teacher, try any of the approaches suggested above to make the process much easier. Go through the school or old friends. Try social media or general online searches. Or look for the person using an online people search to get the most detailed, up-to-date contact information so you can reach out and tell your teacher exactly how much they meant to you.

If your high school teacher made a huge impact on you, it’s important to tell them that in one way or another. After all, there’s something wonderful about hearing that you made an impact on someone, no matter who it is. So, go for it. Make an effort to find your teacher. That way, you can give them the thanks that you might never have given them back when you were a student.

During this season of thanks, or anytime, you may need to try a little harder to find people and show your gratitude. For more information about how to do so, check out the many People Search articles available on the PeopleFinders blog.

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