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Find Someone From New Year’s in Time for Valentine’s Day

New Year’s parties are a great place to meet new people. If you met a charming stranger at your New Year’s party, but you forgot to exchange contact information, you may still be thinking about that stranger even now.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you can still reconnect and set up a Valentine’s Day date to see if you hit it off. So, if you’re still sighing over the loss of a New Year’s stranger, you can try to find that person by:

-Talking to the New Year’s Eve party host

-Going back to the party venue

-Looking on social media


Ask the Host of the Party

If you were at someone’s New Year’s Eve party when you met this person, consider asking the host of the party if they know the person’s name. The host should know the person you’re talking about, or will at least have a vague idea of who the person is and where you can get additional contact information.

You might need to ask someone else after asking the host (if it was a friend of a friend kind of situation), but it’s still a good place to start.

More than likely, you did get the person’s name, even though it was probably just a first name. Combine that name with physical characteristics to try and describe the person you’re looking for. Hopefully, the host of the party will be able to point you in the right direction.

Return to the Place Where You Celebrated

If you didn’t go to a party that had a host with a guest list, you won’t be able to use that route. Whether it was just an open house, a bar or a public party, you can’t exactly track the person down by asking whoever runs the place; that manager probably won’t know anything about the person you’re referring to. But if you come back, you might just be able to spot the person again.

For example, if you were celebrating at a bar, it’s possible that the person goes to the bar just to hang out on other occasions as well. Consider coming back to the bar a few times during popular times of day, like Happy Hour, and seeing if you can spot the person again. It might be a bit of a long shot, but it could lead to a connection.

Search on Social Media

If neither of these options pans out, you might want to resort to some online sleuthing. Most people have some form of online presence, even if it’s just a Facebook profile, which means that looking around online can lead you to the right person. The tricky part is, you’re going to need to use some advanced tools to find a person you only know by first name.

If you were in a place where someone would have just invited friends and family, try going to that person’s Facebook page and looking through the friend list. Because most people add a picture of themselves as a profile picture, you may be able to find the person by just browsing through it.

In the public venue scenario, this will be more of a challenge. But if you’re really dedicated, you may be able to search using the person’s first name and go through all the profiles for people with that name in the area.

Remember to Stay Safe When You Meet Up

Through at least one of these options, you’ll hopefully be able to find the person you’re looking for, and also find out additional information about the person, like their last name and phone number. However, just because you’ve met that person before–and the sparks flew–doesn’t mean you should trust the person blindly. Before you set up a date with your New Year’s mystery romance, you should use PeopleFinders to try and check the person out.

With PeopleFinders, you can use the information you now have, like that person’s full name and phone number, and see if you can perform a criminal records search on them. It may not deter you to find any criminal history or trouble with the law the person may have run into in the past, but at least you know what you’re possibly getting into.


No matter who you’re trying to find, there are plenty of resources you can use to find a person you met at a New Year’s party. Once you find the person you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to use PeopleFinders to try and look that person up, and make sure you’re not setting up a Valentine’s Day date with someone who might be dangerous.

That’s not where PeopleFinders’ usefulness ends, however. There are lots of ways you can utilize these tools for everyday safety, as well as romance. Read the PeopleFinders blog for more information and helpful tips about using PeopleFinders’ tools.

Image attribution: asife – stock.adobe.com

PeopleFinders.com was launched in 1999 to give people easy access to public records data. The PeopleFinders mission is to find, organize and make information accessible - empowering people with meaningful answers.

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