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How to Contact Old Neighbors

contact neighbors once you move away

Neighbors are an important part of many people’s lives. Even if you don’t talk to them frequently, you probably see them fairly often. And even a friendly wave can be enough to brighten someone’s day.

If you’re one of the 20% of people who actually go out of their way to spend time with their neighbors, however, you may actually think of your neighbors as friends. That’s why it can be so devastating if or when you or they have to move away from those familiar surroundings.

Even if you only move across town, you still won’t see some of the people who you’ve grown accustomed to seeing frequently. If you find yourself missing some of your old neighbors, you may be interested in trying to find them again. Thankfully, you can, and easily.

Here are some of the best ways to find your old neighbors and reconnect.

Send Mail to the Neighbor’s New Address

Don’t just stop by and rap on someone’s door. Your neighbors may have given you their new address when they first left. But do you know for sure that they are still there?

After all, on average, Americans move just over 11 times in their lifetimes. So, it could be that your neighbors no longer live where they last told you. (Still, that’s on average. And that number varies significantly based on other factors.)

Consider sending a friendly letter addressed to your old neighbors. Encourage them to write back. Or give them some other method of contact. If they don’t still live at the address you have, the letter could come back to you, telling you of that fact. Or, it could get forwarded to the place where your old neighbors live now.

When it comes to the former, you’ll at least know you need to try harder to find your old neighbors. And hopefully with the latter, you do get a response from your friends, letting you know where they are now.

Take to the Internet

If you hung out with your neighbors enough that you became friends, you probably found out quite a bit about them. That’ll make it much easier to find them online.

Social media can be a great way to find people. Facebook alone has 3 billion active monthly users, many of which are active daily. Many social media websites will let you find people by previous places they’ve lived, jobs they’ve worked, or places they’ve gone to school. These are all things you probably know about them if you considered them friends.

You may think, why not just look them up by name? That can be a good approach, as long as their name is unique. Otherwise, if you look for “John Smith” on social media, it helps to know other corroborating information to help you narrow down your results and to for sure find your John Smith.

You can also extend your search past the most widely used social media sites and onto the internet in general. Try a search for their name and the name of the city where you knew them. Who knows? You could get lucky.

If you do know your friends’ first and last names, you already have enough to find them on an online people search site. This kind of dedicated search enables you to get the detailed contact information you need to reach out and reconnect.

Whether it’s a phone number, an email address, or even a physical mailing address, you should be able to get the information you need. A people search may be enough to pull up that contact information, as long as you know their first and last name. Again, if their name is fairly common, you can differentiate between people with the same name by using additional information such as age or general location.

Maybe their last name has slipped your mind. But you could still locate your old friends with information like their old address, or an old phone number. In those cases, an address search or reverse phone lookup could provide you with a complete name and current contact information associated with the old information you have.


This day and age, it’s too easy to lose touch with old friends and neighbors. But fortunately, it’s also just as easy to get back in touch with them.

It can be so nice reconnecting with old friends, especially those who you came to know so well once upon a time. Regardless of if it’s been just a period of months or several years, you have the tools you need to find them and renew that connection.

So, don’t just let it go, or keep waiting because you don’t know how to find them. Now you do!

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