How to Contact Old Neighbors

Author: PeopleFinders on May 21st, 2020
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Neighbors are an important part of the lives of many people. Even if you don’t talk to them frequently, you likely see them often, and even a friendly wave can be enough to brighten someone’s day. If you’re one of the 20% of people who actually go out of their way to spend time with their neighbors, however, you likely think of your neighbors as friends. That’s why it can be so devastating to move away from those familiar surroundings. Even if you’re only moving across the city, you still won’t be seeing some of the people that you’ve grown accustomed to seeing frequently. If you find yourself missing some of your neighbors, you may be interested in trying to find them again, and you can! Here are the best ways to find your old neighbors and reconnect.

Send correspondence to the neighbor’s address

Don’t just stop by and rap on the door. After all, on average, Americans move just over 11 times in their lifetimes, so it’s likely that your neighbors no longer live there either. Still, that’s on average, and that number varies significantly based on other factors. Consider sending a friendly letter addressed to your old neighbors, asking if they still live there and encouraging them to write back, or giving them some other method of contact. If they’re not still living there, you may get a quick response from whoever does live there now. You may get no response at all, but at least you’ll have reached out. This is the ideal first step.

Take to social media

If you hung out with your neighbors so frequently that you’re now attempting to get back in touch with them, it’s likely that you knew quite a bit about them. That’ll make it much easier to find them online. Social media is a great way to find people; Facebook alone has 2.2 billion active monthly users, 1.45 billion of which are active daily. Many social media websites will let you find people by previous places they’ve lived, jobs they’ve worked, or places they’ve gone to school, which are all things you probably know about them if you considered them friends.

Knowing their first and last name can help narrow things down a little bit, but try going through unexpected avenues such as places they’re proud to have worked at. You can also extend your range of vision past the most widely used social media sites and into the general Internet. Try a search for their name and the name of the city where you knew them. Who knows, you could get lucky.

Use an online people search

If you do know your friends’ first and last names, you already have enough to find them on an online people search site. With PeopleFinders, you can get detailed contact information on the people that you’re looking for so you can reach out. Whether it’s a phone number, an email address, or even a physical mailing address, you can get the information you need. The general people search feature is enough to pull up that contact information, as long as you know their first and last name; you can differentiate between people with the same name by using additional information such as age and the names of relatives. If their last name is slipping your mind but you have an old phone number, you can try the reverse phone lookup. With all the different ways PeopleFinders allows you to get contact information, you’re sure to be able to get back in contact with your neighbors, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen them.


Getting back in touch with old neighbors can be amazing. It’s nice to reconnect with old friends, especially those who you came to know very well. To find that connection again, use PeopleFinders. You deserve to find the people you’ve been missing, even if it’s been over a decade since you’ve seen them. Don’t keep waiting because you don’t know how to find them, because now you do!

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