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Chinese Seeds, and Other Address Brushing Scams

You may have heard recent reports of people getting packages of seeds from China that they didn’t order. Hundreds of people all across the country have received padded envelopes with these mystery seeds. Why these seeds were delivered, and by whom, became as much of a story as the seeds themselves. While not absolutely confirmed Read More…

Should I Buy a House This Year?

Even at the best of times, buying a home can be a stressful prospect. After all, it’s a large commitment to make, and a lot of money is involved. Add in the complexities of an uneasy market, and you may feel even more inclined to hold off. But is that a mistake? Yes, COVID-19, racial Read More…

The Benefits of a Rainy Day Fund

Many people have a savings account for things such as vacations, taxes, and other important expenses that they can predict. However, what do you do when something happens that you can’t predict? That’s when a rainy day fund can really help. Creating a rainy day fund isn’t actually that difficult, and it can help you Read More…

Busting Myths About Rental Scams

Scams are complicated and often on people’s minds. Do you believe any of these untrue myths about your possible risk for rental scams?

Are You Paying the Right Price for Your New Home?

Home buying is a difficult game with expensive stakes. How can you know you’re getting a fair price when you purchase a brand new home?

How Safe is Your Neighborhood?

When you move to a new neighborhood, you want to feel at least as safe as you did in your old neighborhood. In order to do so, it’s important for you to continue to maintain your and your family’s own immediate safety, as well as actively know what’s happening around your new area. These tips Read More…

4 Foolproof Ways to Spot a Rental Scam

Rental scams are everywhere, and you never want to be the target. How can you make sure you’re avoiding potential rental scams in your search?

4 Reasons Why You Should Know a Home’s Tax Value

A home’s tax value can give you lots of information about the home, its owners and more. Why might you need to get this important home information?

How to Make Sure You’re Moving to a Safer Neighborhood

Whether you currently live in a more dangerous area, or you just want to make sure your new place is safer than your last, it’s worth taking the time to try and make sure your new home is truly safe. Even if you’re not purchasing a home and you’re only renting, an area’s safety will Read More…

Urban Safety Tips

Whether you’re moving to a new city, or you’re just trying to make your current life in a city safer, learning new and better ways to keep yourself and your family safe can be very important. Staying safe in an urban environment can be a little different from staying safe in the suburbs or in Read More…