People Search Tips

There are many reasons to run a people search or request public records data. You might want to:

• Find old friends
• Reconnect with relatives
• Look someone up after losing their number
• Check out the residents of a new neighborhood
• Learn about someone's background
• See if someone has a criminal past

PeopleFinders makes it easy to find anyone, anywhere and get reliable data about individuals, property or businesses. To help even more, here are few tips on how to find people, learn more about them and get the facts you need to make informed decisions:

People Search Tips

1. Sometimes it's difficult to find people, so use all the information you have in your people search. Start with a first and last name, and include a city/state where they once lived. If you don't see the right person in your results, add even more details like a middle initial, age or DOB. For more tips, check out our article, How To Find People.
2. Can't find someone using their first and last name? Try searching for them using their old phone number, address or email.
3. Still can't find someone? Look up one of their relatives or close friends and ask them for help.
4. Did you know you can search for people using their nickname or alias? If public records exist for those names, we'll have them.
5. Looking for someone who has a common name? Try searching in any city where the person once lived. We have public records from the last 40+ years, so we can help you find people even if you only have their name and an old address.
6. Trying to find someone, but not sure how to spell their last name? Use variations of the name along with any other relevant data. With a little patience, you can almost always find the right person.
7. Hoping to find people who might be your (or someone else's) relatives? Run a people search by last name to get a list of individuals who share the surname. Get more focused results by including city and state.
8. Searching for a woman, but don't know her married name? Run a people search using her maiden name and order a report to see how to find her today.
9. If you still can't find a person, try again later. New public records are created every day. When they're available, we'll have them for you.
10. Need more help? Contact the people search experts on our customer care team today.

Background Check Tips

1. Want to find someone and learn more about them? Not sure which report is right for you? Check out our article: The Difference Between A People Search, Background Check, And Public Records Report .

2. Will someone you don't know be spending time around you or your family? Learn all you can about them first with an authoritative background check. 3. Wish you knew what people could learn about you online? Find out by running a background check on yourself.
4. Moving? Want to learn more about the people in your potential new neighborhood? Get the facts you need with a background check by address. It's an easy way to look for sex offenders in the area, see if possible new neighbors have criminal records, and more.
5. Wondering if someone has a criminal record? Use a background check to see if anyone you know was arrested, and if so, why.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tips

1. Don't know who called? Eager to find out? Read our article: See Who Called With A Reverse Phone Lookup.
2. A reverse phone lookup not only helps you identify the owner of an unknown number, it can also help you find people from your past. Use any set of digits to find someone's most recent contact information.
3. Wondering how to do a cell phone number lookup? Our reverse phone search provides information about cells, land lines and even unlisted numbers.

Address Lookup Tips

1. Want to find a former neighbor or someone else from your past? Locate them today with an address search on PeopleFinders.
2. Did someone you know move away long ago? Don't worry, you can find them again with an address lookup on PeopleFinders.com. This site provides direct access to public records data from the last 40+ years. Enter their old address to get information about their most recent residence.

Reunion Tips

1. Use a PeopleFinders membership to plan a family, friend, class or any other reunion. As a member, you'll enjoy people searches so you can get contact information for everyone you want. It's the perfect way to prepare your guest list.

More Tips & Articles

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4. Need to know about a local or national business? Learn about any company with a business search today.
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