How To Find People

PeopleFinders makes it easy to find anyone, anywhere. We own the Web’s largest collection of public records, so we can give you instant access to current and historical data about almost anyone in the United Sates.

Want to find someone? Not sure how to begin? Follow these simple people search tips to become an expert people finder.

Start With A People Search By Name

The most common way to find people is with a Search by Name. This type of people search empowers you to look someone up by their first and last name. Including a city and/or state where the person once lived will give you better results.

After entering the details you know and clicking the Search button, you’ll get a Free Preview of the people who match your criteria. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which person is the right one. Your people search report will include information about everyone on the list.

Proceed To An Advanced People Search

If your people search provides too many (or not enough) results, you can narrow them down with an advanced lookup. After your initial search, the results page displays a second form. Use it to enter even more details, such as the person’s middle initial, age or DOB.

Adding information can help you pinpoint the right individual every time. You’ll get more focused results that help you find a person instantly.

Try More People Search Options

You might need more options to help you find someone. We have solutions. One is an Address Search. Enter any address, city and state that the person once called home. Then click the Search button to get a list of people who lived at that residence over the last 40+ years. The results can jog your memory and help you find the person fast.

Another way to search is with an old phone number. A Reverse Phone Lookup provides information about the current and previous owners of any 10-digit number. Our system digs deep to find data on every person who had that number, and collects data that helps you find them today.

The Best Way To Find People

Finding people can be tricky, but with a little patience you can locate most anyone at P Our People Search Membership gives you full access, so you can keep trying until you locate everyone on your list. Search for people using their birth name, nickname, old phone number, previous address and more.

Ready to begin your people search adventure? Then start your membership now and use these tips to find anyone today.