How To Use PeopleFinders To Learn About Your Ancestry

The story of our ancestry is the story of us. The people who came before us helped shape our lives. They may have moved to a new country, developed a talent that was passed on through the years, established a family business, or built their lives in a city that you now call home.

That’s one of the reasons we long to know more about them. The people from our lineage made decisions that impacted their children, grandchildren, and eventually us. When we learn about them, we feel more connected to our families, and we start to understand our own lives a little better.

Find People Who Can Bring Your Past To Life

There are many ways to learn about your ancestry. You can spend endless hours on websites that provide a wealth of genealogical data, visit locations where family members were laid to rest and track down old documents that provide a little more insight.

At PeopleFinders, we believe that one of the best ways to discover your lineage is from other people. Relatives who have first-hand stories that were passed down from generation to generation. People who have photos, anecdotes and personal records that can’t be found anywhere else.

Building Your Family Tree

Most every family has at least one genealogist. Someone who spent years piecing together every branch of their family tree. Finding and talking to that person can be an exhilarating experience.

And who knows, your extended family could include several experts on your roots. The trick is to talk to everyone you can, and uncover what each person has to share.

Start With A People Search

We all have distant relatives. Sadly, most of us never get to meet many of these wonderful people. But you can find them and learn how to reach out, with a little help from PeopleFinders.

A people search helps you find anyone, anywhere. Run a search to get someone’s most recent phone number, address and other contact information. We give you access to billions of current and historical records. All this data empowers you to connect with anyone from your present. Then it’s time to learn more about your past.

Start by searching for the relatives you know, but haven’t seen in years. Branch out from there to discover more family members, some you probably didn’t even know you had. You never know who might have a unique story to tell.

Learning About Your Lineage


you start a people search membership at PeopleFinders, you’ll enjoy full access to searches. Use your membership to locate everyone in your extended family. Talking to your relatives and fellow family historians helps you create an ancestral portrait that is comprehensive and personal. It helps you establish more of a connection to your heritage, and discover how people you never even met helped shape your life.

Ready to learn about your ancestry? Then start searching now and set out on a rewarding genealogical adventure that will help you establish and strengthen your family ties today. Have fun exploring!