How To Get Public Records Data

Public records are documents that have been recorded and filed by a city, state, county, or federal government agency. They include voter registration cards, magazine subscription forms, marriage certificates, and many other types of documents. (For more info, see "What Is a Public Record?”)

Thousands of clerk offices across the country collect and house these records. Even if you’re looking for data about just one individual, the records for that person are probably stored in multiple locations. Considering you often have to request public records in person, this makes it all-the-more difficult to find all the information you need on your own.

Obtain Public Records Online

Online public records databases like PeopleFinders make it easy to get comprehensive public records data. Such sites give you access to billions of current and historical records, which can provide an authoritative overview of any subject.

When you run a search, our system instantly looks through several massive databases and compiles all the relevant information. Then it displays that data in a single clean, concise report. This is the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to get public records.

Types Of Public Records

There are many different types of public records. They include:

  • Marriage Records (available by state, for a limited time range)
  • Divorce Records (ditto)
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Property Records

We offer several different reports to serve all of your public records needs. For example, you can use a people search to find an old friend, relative or classmate. Choose a public records report to learn a little more about someone.

New Public Records

With millions of visitors every month, PeopleFinders has been helping provide meaningful answers for over 40 years - by finding, organizing and making information more accessible.

We are able to quickly search massive databases, and that data is updated regularly. They contain current, useful, and informative public records.

Best of all, we give you direct access to everything from one convenient spot. Are you looking for public records? You can get all the facts you may require about people, businesses, properties, and more right here at PeopleFinders.

Get started with a public records search today.