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Ways to Get Away this Fall

Ways to Get Away this FallCooler weather has started to settle in. Green leaves are changing into shades of red, orange, and yellow. Hot apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes abound nationwide. However, after months of staying at home, it may be hard to imagine going out and really enjoying what nature has to offer.

But it is possible. And not only is it possible, but autumn is actually the ideal season for you to get outside and relax while still being able to properly social distance. A few of the safe but fun fall getaway options you can choose from this year include the following:

-Leaf-watching by car

-Picking pumpkins and apples

-Visiting the ocean

-Setting-up private visits, tastings, etc.


Take a Leaf-Watching Road Trip

Long before COVID ever reared its ugly head, taking long, leisurely drives along roads lined with fall color has been a time-honored tradition. The fact that they’re also inherently social distanced makes such a journey kind of a no-brainer this year for fall lovers.

How much time you should plan on devoting to such an excursion depends largely on the availability of fall colors in or near your area. There are several well-known leaf-peeping routes all across the U.S. The plus side with those is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be amazed by the foliage. On the other hand, such roads are likely to get crowded this time of year. If you don’t mind getting in line, then no worries. Otherwise, you could consider finding a lesser known avenue to relax and enjoy the road less travelled.

Getting to fall foliage hot spots can also provide you with the opportunity to get out of the car for a while and enjoy a bit of the crisp fall air. Going by foot or bicycle along dedicated hiking, biking, and nature trails means you and your family can enjoy safe social distancing as well as up close and personal appreciation of lovely fall colors.

Visit that Pumpkin Patch or Apple Orchard

While hayrides, farm tours, and other larger group events may be cancelled this year, many popular pumpkin patches and pick-it-yourself apple orchards are still offering public access. Some places allow you to pick your produce, but then request you leave right away. Then others may allow you to linger outside for a while with a picnic lunch you brought.

Each facility will have its own specific guidelines, of course, so be sure to research them and/or call ahead before heading out.

Head to the Coast

Going to visit the ocean is pretty typical in summer months. And that’s why it makes particularly good sense as a fall getaway this year. Any year, as soon as school goes back into session, family vacations to the coast basically cease. Not to mention that it’s simply not that much fun for most people to jump in the water when the weather’s colder.

Either way, this means fewer people cramping your style while you enjoy the salt air, the tranquil crashing sound of the waves, and gorgeous sea views. Rates at favorite coastal accommodations tend to drop in the fall, so you can save a little money in the process. And if you’re lucky, you can hit some fall foliage driving to or from your seaside destination.

Take Advantage of Private Events

In an effort to be creative and meet CDC guidelines, some businesses are offering private options to customers. With this approach, you simply make an appointment to a private wine tasting with friends, pamper yourself at a spa, play golf, and so on. This option has other benefits besides ensuring social distancing. The appointment system means you’re sure to get better service and more focused attention than you would likely get with normal public access.

It doesn’t matter what route you take to get out and get away this fall, as long as you do choose at least one of them. After all, getting out and enjoying the beauty and tastes of nature (even for just a little bit), can do wonders for rejuvenating your heart and soul.

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