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The Healthcare Industry Versus Data Breaches

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are more eyes than ever on the U.S. healthcare system. Much of that is focused on the handling of the pandemic itself. But others are also looking more closely at healthcare organizations’ vulnerabilities when it comes to data security and breaches. To help you learn more about Read More…

Can Natural Products Help Me to Avoid the Coronavirus?

Natural products may seem like a useful option for keeping COVID-19 symptoms at bay. What should you do to utilize these natural products well?

Coronavirus Myths and Facts

There’s a lot of misinformation circulating in the public regarding coronavirus right now. What can you actually do to stay safe from COVID-19?

How Do I Protect Myself from the Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 as the medical and scientific community calls it, is a rapidly-developing disease with a variety of potential effects. Because its existence was only uncovered at the end of 2019, people still have a lot of questions about it, questions that are difficult to answer with the current information. But there Read More…

How to Protect Your Fitness Tracker Data

Fitness trackers may be a great option if you’re trying to learn more about your health. How do you keep your information safe when you use one?

Is Technology Changing the Way Children Experience the World?

Technology is pretty much a necessity in the 21st century. It’s likely that you have multiple sources of technology in your home–cell phones, computers, and televisions. And your children likely have access to most of them. Although advances in technology are amazing and can be extremely beneficial, some concerns have been raised over certain uses Read More…

The Impact of Technology on Eye Health

People are constantly debating the usefulness of technology. While some people argue that modern people are too dependent upon it, others argue that the benefits of technology, especially for many underserved populations, outweigh many of the risks. However, one thing that many people don’t even think about is how the constant use technology may be Read More…

A Year Of Anyone, Anywhere

On Saturday, May 29 2010, this blog – Anyone, Anywhere – celebrates its one-year anniversary! What a year it’s been! We’ve covered a vast array of topics, brought up ideas on how PeopleFinders can make your life easier and enjoyed reading some opinionated comments from you. A few of our favorite moments include:

What’s Affecting You? Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform has been debated for years, and as of March 2010 a new bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama. A few revisions to the policy have since been approved by the House and Senate, and the modified document is expected to receive the Presidential signature next week. This bill is intended Read More…