Sharing Your Kids On Social Media? Leave Out These Details

Online privacy is a vital element that parents should learn about. While everyone has the freedom to post what they want on their social media platforms, it is best to understand what to avoid when posting about your children. This will help you avoid many issues in the long run that could affect you and your children’s future. This article shows you what to do when sharing your kids on social media platforms.

Sharing Your Kids On Social Media

Do Not Share Personal Information

Personal information such as the name, date of birth, school, and address of your children is private and confidential. Only you or your spouse should have this information.

Sharing such details on your social media can create an easy way for digital kidnapping since online kidnappers can quickly find what they need to get to your kids.

Hackers can use the details for identity theft, which could negatively impact your children in the future. Therefore, limit the information you share online about your kids.

Do Not Post Children’s Nude Photos

Sometimes, you may take a photo of your little one bathing or when the child is playing around the yard on a sunny day. Such photos are better kept unshared on social media because sharing them can damage your child’s image in the future.

The problem with social media is that once you post nude photos of your children, you might not redeem their images. Even if you delete the photos after a while, it might be too late because some people take screenshots of other people’s posts on social media and circulate them on their accounts.

Sharing Your Kids On Social Media

Avoid Sharing Your Children’s Daily Routines

Sharenting what your children do every day on social media is risky and can easily open ways for child predators to access your child. Avoid sharing revealing information such as the routes your children take to school, what they do after school or where they play sports.

You should also avoid tagging such locations in your social media posts. If you tag the location even if it isn’t clear, online users can crop out the backgrounds and get the information you posted.

Always take pictures at home, school, or playgrounds and save them in your gallery without posting on your Facebook account or other social media pages.

Always Check Your Privacy Setting

It is imperative to check and adjust your privacy settings on your social media accounts before posting photos. The settings vary per social media platform, and this is why it is imperative to learn how each platform works.

Changing the privacy setting is vital because your children’s photos will only be visible to the people you select. This will prevent you from sharing information with the general public.

If you choose a certain group of people who can see your posts, be sure that they are people you trust because anyone can share your posts, and this can be risky because the posts might go viral to strangers.

Sharing Your Kids On Social Media

Beware of Social Media Bullying

When posting your children’s photos on social media, you expect your friends and followers to like the photos and leave positive comments. This might not be the case when posting certain photos of your kids.

Unfortunately, some online users will leave negative comments regardless of the photos or information on social media. This is why you should be prepared for backlash.

For instance, your followers might attack you on your social media account for posting a child without a diaper. These are negative comments that can affect your esteem. Therefore, stick to posting your children’s photos in a presentable outfit.

Your Children’s Privacy is Vital

Using the above information can help you avoid creating problems for your children now and in the future. Create a guide for posting your children on social media and stick to it. You can also check out more information about the best practices of posting on social media.


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