People to Reconnect With Before the New Year


Missing old friends and family? The New Year is rapidly approaching, and there’s never been a more perfect time to reconnect.

Old Flames

Want to give that first love a second chance, but you’ve lost touch with your special someone and don’t know if they found someone new? Using the Public Records Search at PeopleFinders can help you find them and see if they ever married- or if they’ve carried a torch for you after all these years!


Curious to see how that trouble maker in your class turned out? You don’t have to wait for a class reunion to find out- a Background Check can tell you if they have a record or a clean slate.

Childhood Friends

Our friends from childhood have a huge impact on us as we grow up, but we often lose touch with them when we get older. Find their address, phone number and email address with a People Search and make your first friends your newest friends!

Long Lost Family

A part of growing closer to your family includes learning more about your history. You can connect with out of touch relatives PLUS search your ancestors with a Genealogy Search- what will you find in the branches of your family tree?


Have you reconnected with a loved one for the New Year and want to share your experience? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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