How Can I Find Hidden Social Media Accounts?

In modern times, with a great technological boom, many people have hidden social media accounts for specific reasons best known to them. If you want to search for them for whatever reason, you are likely to launch a long internet search. Yes, you are sure they are out there using almost all social media platforms, but tracking them becomes a real hassle.

Due to the many safety and security settings associated with the social media platforms, you may try to Google the person’s name, but the search gives you many results that are likely to mislead you more. Before you dive into typing their names in the search section, remember that most people don’t use their real names or identity for security reasons or criminal activities.

This blog will explicitly discuss the most effective and easy steps you can use to track any hidden social media account to help you know if your partner is cheating on you. Once you find the right one, you should keep in mind the ground rules that it is illegal to use somebody’s information to conduct fraudulent activities such as cyberstalking or cyber phishing.

how to find hidden social media accounts

How  to Find Hidden Social Media Accounts

1. Begin With Google Website Search.

Google search may seem obvious, but there are various ways you can fine-tune this search engine to refine the results. You can use tools like quote marks, the person’s city, or add a command to search within the URL. For example, to track the Facebook account of, let’s say, John Paul, you can search: “John Paul” “Texas” site: You can also add the maiden or last name to increase the chances of your luck.

2. Try Google Image Search.

Although Google searching for someone’s social media account using a username is the basis for the search, using images, if any, may give you faster and more accurate results. You can copy the digital image of your target by right-clicking the image and selecting the “copy” option. Paste the image to and click the “search by image” option to navigate the process.

3. Confirm All Linked Accounts.

Once the Google search gives you at least one social media account registered with the uploaded names or images. Take time to verify if the search result matches the information about the person. Look for any other account linked to this verified one. Sometimes the Google image search results can give you more than one social media account. Follow all of them to confirm if they belong to the same person.

4.  Use Phone Number or Email Search.

Although most social media sites don’t allow email or telephone number search, some platforms such as Facebook and Twitter do. Go to the website, plug in the email or phone number and see the options they can give you to uncover the account. Other platforms such as Instagram allow you to search for “hidden” accounts using your contact information.

5.  Try The Same Username on Different Platforms.

Most people use a common username on most social media accounts if not all. If you are lucky to know the username in at least one account, you are likely to find other accounts. You can run the username on the Google search engine or the social media website to track the person’s profile.

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