5 Sneaky Ways To Find Your Partner on Dating Sites

Partner secretly on dating site

If you’re worried that your partner is on a dating site without your knowledge, you’re not alone. A significant number of people worry that their partners are secretly using a dating site behind their backs. How can you be certain? There are a number of ways you might be able to find out whether your partner is using a dating site without your knowledge, including these five possibilities.

1. Look for Potentially Suspicious Phone Usage

Suspicious phone usage is one of the things that first tips many people off to the possibility that their partner is on a dating app. Just being protective of their phone doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but if your partner used to be okay with you seeing their phone and all of a sudden they’re incredibly secretive, this could be a warning sign.

More of a giveaway are, of course, dating apps. Trying to get onto your partner’s phone without their knowledge is risky business, but it’s more possible to look for notifications when you’re able to see their phone for other reasons.

2. Think of Nicknames and Other Names Your Partner Might Use

It’s unlikely that your partner is going to use their real name if they have signed up for a dating website. However, many people don’t want to come up with a completely fake name out of thin air. That means they might use a name you still know, even if it’s not the name you call them by.

Consider looking up your partner’s name with their mother’s maiden name, any nicknames you know of, or any names that they’ve previously used. You can also look up names they’ve expressed that they like. This trial-and-error method can be a bit tedious, but it often provides results.

3. Search in Your Area

If you think your partner might be on a specific dating website, one way to look for them is to sign up yourself, then search in your area. Your partner is unlikely to be traveling very far to cheat, so if they’re physically hooking up with someone, they’re probably showing their general area.

This method may depend on the type of dating site you think your partner may have signed up with. Some sites, like Tinder, don’t allow you to search, so you might be swiping for a long time before you come across your partner, if you ever do. However, it’s still worth a shot.

4. Check the Browser History

Browser history is one of the ways many people have been caught. Especially if you share a computer, you can take a look into the browser history, especially of browsers you may have installed but don’t regularly use. The history may just expose some uncomfortable secrets.

It’s common for people to use Incognito Mode when they browse the internet illicitly, and Incognito Mode won’t leave a trace on the internet search history. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that your partner may accidentally leave something behind while browsing.

5. Search for Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

If you’re interested in digging a little deeper, you may want to use the email addresses and phone numbers that your partner has. However, your partner is unlikely to use the email addresses or phone numbers you already know, which is where PeopleFinders can come into play.

When you run a people search on someone through PeopleFinders, you can find email addresses and phone numbers you didn’t even know they had. That can itself be suspicious, but the real smoking gun will be if you’re able to plug those email addresses and phone numbers into a profile search and find dating apps.


There are no completely foolproof ways to find your partner on dating sites, but there are a number of ways that you can make it more likely. If you’re worried about finding your partner on a dating site, any of these five things can help you get closer. With PeopleFinders, you can keep a closer eye on your partner or anyone else you’re potentially concerned about.

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