Do You Really Know Your Next Door Neighbor?

We live in modern times, and gone are the days when neighbors would often greet new neighbors with welcome baskets of freshly baked goods. Nowadays, many of us will live directly next door to a person and not even know their first name. This is especially true for those of us who reside in condos and townhomes.

Whether you’re looking to buy or are renting, there’s peace of mind in knowing who your neighbors are. After all, psychology tells us that we are more likely to interact with our neighbors if we genuinely trust them. Daily interaction over time can serve to establish trust with our neighbors, but knowing the facts can catapult that trust into a new realm in our minds.

Let’s take a closer look at the value of really knowing who your next door neighbor is…

Knowing who your next door neighbor is can be crucial for child safety

When you’re looking to move, it’s important to gain a better understanding of your new turf via online research. There are many reasons why it’s important to know who your neighbors are—and if you’re a parent, protecting your children falls high on your list of roles and responsibilities. You can search addresses online with ease in mere seconds. And by performing a deep search on an address, it can tell you exactly who resides—as well as who used to.

When you have children, it’s important to keep them safe. The scary truth is, most abductions and sexual abuse cases occur with a known individual. The likeliness of a child trusting a person that they see on a regular basis far exceeds a child trusting a person they’ve never laid eyes on before. And worse, is that many abusers will scope out and plan their victims based on shared interests, close contact, and already established trust.

A very real but frightening fact is that 93% of children who become victims of sexual abuse are familiar with their abuser. 

Once you conduct an address search on your next door neighbors, you can then take the names provided of individuals and go a step further. Use this information to search criminal history. You can even discover other valuable information about this person, such as foreclosure/eviction records, financial reports, applicable bankruptcies, traffic violations, and more.

When you meet a next door neighbor face-to-face, you are meeting their best version of themselves.

Don’t be left in the dark. Performing a background check on next door neighbors before buying a home or signing a lease is a precautionary measure that’s safe, secure, and valid. You deserve peace of mind as a parent, and your children deserve to feel and be safe. If you’re a single mother living alone with your children, knowing exactly who your neighbors are can help you to feel less stressed and more at ease. Because the truth is, you can never put a price on feeling safe in your own home. 

Remember, you do not need a person’s permission to run an online background check on them. This is public information and not an invasion of a person’s identity or privacy. And who’s to say that your neighbor won’t perform one on you once you move in! 

Public information is free to anyone, so why not access it to unlock valuable insight on your next door neighbor

Criminal and property records are simple to access, and you don’t have to go down to the courthouse or a library to do it. In the comfort of your own home, you can safely and securely search online to unlock valuable information about your next door neighbor. And if you don’t happen to know their last name, that’s not a problem. A quick search online with their property address can show you the names of the residents residing there—even if it’s a rental property.

Discovering that your next door neighbor has a clean record will help you to sleep easier at night. Just taking a few minutes of your day to give you peace of mind is priceless. Our user-friendly database of over 120 billion records is simple to use and offers you thorough records you can trust.

Get to know your neighbor for the purpose of property safety

When you purchase a home, a fair amount of research goes into play. You can fall in love with a home, but it’s not just that home you’re buying. You’re placing yourself in a new area with new neighbors. You don’t have to be best buds with your neighbor, and that’s okay if you don’t plan on being the type of neighbor that borrows a cup of sugar. 

To keep your property safe, it’s important to know who your neighbors are. You can find out more about your neighbor’s past by doing a quick search online. Criminal records can show you if you need to practice more precautions when it comes to safeguarding your private property. And if there are other neighbors in your immediate area that you do trust, it’s important to share any information with them about suspicious neighbors. (Starting a neighborhood watch is another great tool for doing this, too.)

Crime is inevitable, even in the nicest of neighborhoods in America. But you can mitigate your risks by staying informed about your neighbors. You can start this process by easily performing a detailed look inside of the property addresses surrounding your home.

Don’t wait to find out who your neighbors are before it’s too late

Take action now so that you can have peace of mind and a better understanding of the people around you. Turning a blind eye to potential dangers can cost you. Having a general aura of distrust surrounding your neighbors is nothing new. We might know people on the surface with social media and friendly hellos. But scratching underneath the surface with verified records can help you to dig deeper and make better judgements. And, if you do suspect something off about a neighbor and their records results come back positively, remind yourself that you can never be too careful in this day and age.

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