Can I Search For My Birth Parents Online?

Many adoptees want to form a relationship with birth parents or know their family history. Whether close or open adoption, finding your birth parent is a complex process. Thanks to the internet, there’s a possibility to search and find your birth parent online.

If you’re eager to find your birth parents, you must be ready to go through the process. But many adopted Americans may not know where to start. Here’s what you should know for a successful adoption reunion online.

how can I find my birth parents online?

How adoptees searched for birth parents before the internet

Before now, adoptee search and reunion were only possible through data in printed documents kept in public records and libraries. You have to spend days or even months sorting files.

The process was long and emotionally draining. It was like a game of trial and error. After painstakingly searching for clues, you will forward letters to people who might help. In most cases, you may not get a positive response. To some, it was a waste of time and a regrettable experience.

How the internet helped in the search for birth parents

You already know that the internet is the most extensive library today and how it makes information more accessible. Of course, you can now search for your birth parents online. These are how the internet helped in adoptee and birth parents’ reunion.

  1. Creation of databases like the ISRR for people who want to reunite with old family members.
  2. Federal and state registries are designated to match lost loved ones.
  3. Adoption support groups share information and ideas that help you find your birth parents.
  4. Websites, volunteers, and organizations are there to assist adoptees in finding lost family members.
  5. Social media sites like Facebook assist adoptees in narrowing their search by birth name, state, or region.
  6. When the results pop, you can go through different profiles and send messages to individuals.
  7. Sharing your story on social media can link you with someone who knows your history and birth parents.

how can I find my birth parents online?

What are the possible outcomes when searching for my birth parents online?

Whether you only want information about your birth parents or want an open relationship with them, you’re free to search online. Remember, you may experience a few setbacks if you’re below 18. Depending on your state of residence, you may need your adoptive parent’s approval.

Here are the possible outcomes when searching for your birth parents:

  • No information available
  • Name of birth parents found
  • Cannot locate the parent
  • Discovered birth parents are dead
  • Birthparents found, but they are below your expectations
  • You find your birth family, but they don’t want to connect with you
  • Birth parents or family found, and they are happy to reconnect with you.

You have to look at these scenarios before going ahead with the plan to locate your birth parents.

can I search for my birth parents online?

What steps can I take to search for my birth parents online?

Follow these steps if you feel you’re ready to begin the search for your birth parents:

1. Discuss with your adoptive parents

Your adoptive parents are people you should contact first when hoping to reunite with your birth parents. That’s because they may still have your essential documents that could give leads. Your adoptive parents can also have details of the agency or lawyer that facilitated your adoption.

2. Contact the professional or agency that arranged your adoption.

You can get vital information about your birth parents by locating the social worker or adoption agency that arranged your adoption. If they no longer have your records, they can advise you on finding help.

3. Ask for your adoption records.

Accessing your adoption records to an extent depends on the state you live in. States with open adoption policies allow eligible persons to request their adoption data. These records often contain your birthplace and the name of your birth parents. Some documents have information about your medical history, which explains your adoption.

4. Be a member of your state’s adoption registry or forum if available.

Sometimes, your birth parents may be searching for you too. So, joining an adoption forum online or a state’s registry makes the search easier.

5. Use a public search tool.

You can find several websites for adoptees who want to see their birth parents. Details like your birth parent’s name, place, date of birth, email, home address can help narrow your search.

Though the search process is challenging, once you have the necessary information, PeopleFinders can make it easy. Signup up with PeopleFinders to get started with your search for your birth parents.

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