7 Telltale Signs of a Romance Scammer

The thrill of a new romance can make you feel alive, especially if you’ve been stuck in a rut. The emotions that come with meeting that special someone can lead folks to fall head over heels. These emotions are what scammers prey on. That is why it’s important to identify the signs of a romance scammer, particularly when everything seems too good to be true. Read on to find out if you’re next on an online dating scammer list.

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How to Spot the Signs of a Romance Scammer

Learning How to know if you’re on an online dating scammer list requires careful attention to detail. However, you may miss these signs due to the mixed emotions of a new relationship.

They Profess their Love too Quickly

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Professing their love too quickly is a potential red flag of a romance scammer.

Every new relationship has a particular flow to it. There are situations in which two people get along perfectly well right off the bat. However, scammers often profess their love and devotion to their targets very quickly, often within a few days or weeks of starting a conversation. This approach is meant to capitalize on the whirlwind of emotions associated with a new relationship.

Please keep in mind that most people are generally wary of professing their love out of fear of rejection. So, having someone new immediately express their undying love and affection may seem too good to be true. Nevertheless, fraudsters use this tactic in an attempt to make a quick profit.

They Refuse to Meet in Person

Meeting in person is natural when an online relationship reaches a certain point. Nevertheless, romance scammers usually make excuses for not meeting in person, such as being stationed overseas or having a busy work schedule. Also, the cheater may use phony stories such as needing to travel abroad or moving to another city.

If you find that a new potential love interest refuses to meet in person after several attempts, it’s better to move on. Even if the individual is not a scammer, they may be hiding something from you anyway, such as being married or merely pretending to be something they are not.

They Ask for Money or Financial Information

One of the clearest signals is that scammers often ask for money or financial information to help them with an emergency or pay for travel expenses to come and meet their target. These individuals come up with elaborate stories about financial hardships in order to pull on your heartstrings. They may even provide bogus pictures of car accidents, hospital stays, or natural disasters to justify their requests.

Requests for money in the form of gift cards or cell phone top-ups are common scams used overseas. If you receive a request for money, it’s best to walk away, especially if you’ve never met this person before.

They Have Inconsistencies in their Story

Scammers often have inconsistencies in their stories or details that don’t add up when questioned. While most fraudsters go to great lengths to produce elaborate cover stories, there are always inconsistencies that may arise. That is why the devil is in the details.
Don’t be afraid to pry for more details. Ask follow-up questions and seek details about their stories. After all, if this romance is legit, getting details on your love interest is a normal part of getting to know them.

They Have a Generic Profile

Fraudsters often have generic profiles with few details about their life, career, or interests. They use fairly common names and claim to live in highly popular cities such as New York, San Francisco, or Chicago. Scammers may also claim to be unemployed or going to school.
Above all, the devil is the detail. A good rule of thumb is to ask for details. You must be suspicious if they refuse to provide details or skirt around questions. While people may be cautious with their information, being overly mysterious is never a good sign. Plus, using PeopleFinders can help you verify any details potential scammers may provide.

They Use Fake Photos

A clear signal is that cheaters often use fake photos or pictures of someone else to create a false identity. Scammers clone social media profiles or steal people’s identities to pass themselves off as a real person. In other situations, scammers may use stock photos to trick unsuspecting individuals.

You can use search engines to look up profile photos. This method can help you determine if you’re dealing with a real person.

They Pressure You

Keep in mind that time is of the essence for cheaters. So, scammers may pressure you into sending money or personal information by using emotional manipulation, threats, or guilt. Scammers may even threaten to break up with you to coerce you into complying with their requests.
Keep in mind that fraudsters want to move things quickly because they want to capitalize on your emotions. So, be wary of anyone pressuring you for money or information, especially if you’ve just met.

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