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3 Dangerous Things You Probably Do in Your Home

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When you’re at home, security isn’t always comprised of big, obvious things like keeping an eye on your kids when they play in the front yard. It also includes a number of little things, which can add up to something of a big deal when it comes to safety.

Even the most security-conscious people can forget the little things. This is especially true as it relates to your home. You may feel safe in your home, but feeling safe isn’t necessarily the same thing as actually being safe. This isn’t to say that you need to actively worry about safety all the time; that’s just a recipe for paranoia. However, there may be instances where you take your safety for granted and, in the process, inadvertently leave yourself open to danger.

Fortunately, a few of the more common “dangerous” things that people do at home are easily remedied:

1. Leaving the Door Unlocked When You Get Home

Many people lock the door at bedtime, and that’s a good step to take. Being asleep makes you a more prominent target for break-ins and other crimes. But it’s not the only time you’re at risk.

You should always lock the door when you get home for the day as well. It’s just a good habit to get into. By locking the doors right when you get home, you make your home less of a target for any brazen intruders.

2. Posting About Your Vacation on Social Media

When you post about your vacation on social media, you essentially let people know that your house is empty. And that it will be an extended period of time. You might not realize it, but if an unscrupulous person sees your posts, that person could deduce that your home is an easy target for robbery. Especially if you don’t have a watch dog or security system, this can be very dangerous, and you might just come home to a ransacked house.

While installing a security system is a smart choice, you should also control how you post on social media. You probably like to show off how much fun you’re having when you and your family take vacations, and that’s great. If you know that only your loved ones can see it, then it’s fine.

Every major social media site allows you to restrict access to your posts so that only approved people can see them. So, if you’re going to post on social media, you may want to turn that feature on, at least until you get back home. Of course, once you are back home, you can feel free to share as much as you want about the trip you recently took.

3. Leaving Windows Open Overnight

If the weather is nice outside, you might open the windows to get some fresh air and keep your house at a decent temperature. That way, you don’t have to use electricity to cool or heat it. However, be careful about leaving those windows open overnight. Even if you have a screen on your windows, a stealthy burglar can enter without alerting anyone.

You can still get that fresh air without leaving yourself vulnerable. Buy some window locks, which essentially give your windows the same degree of protection that you give your doors. Many different types exist. But no matter which you buy, the idea is the same. It allows you to open windows as much as you like, and then close and lock them securely.

Other Ways to Stay Safe

Incorporating the above safety tips into your daily routine are good first steps to security-consciousness. If you want to go a step further, however, you may decide to take some time to check your neighborhood and the people with whom you spend time.

An address lookup tool can be helpful if you want to make sure your neighborhood is safe. Simply lookup your neighbor’s addresses to try and get property information and neighborhood details, including if there are sex offenders or other criminals living in your area. If there are, you can perform a criminal records search to try and get more detailed records about each one. That way, you may learn which people to be especially wary of.

Being safe in your home is important. Thankfully, with all the safety technology available in the modern era, it’s easier than ever. Just keep things locked, be smart on social media, and keep an eye on the neighborhood around you.

For more information about home security and other safety matters, check the PeopleFinders blog for ideas and inspiration.

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