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Staying Safe on Video Chats

Video chatting is nothing new. However, with more and more people stuck at home these days and unable to meet with others in person, video chat’s popularity has shot through the roof. Over the course of March alone, new Zoom subscribers rose an incredible 728%! Other major providers–Facebook, Apple, Google, Skype–have increased their existing video Read More…

A Reunion 60 Years in the Making

For over 60 years Sam Childress, who was raised by his mother Shirley Childress, believed that his father wanted no part in his life. At the same time his father Anthony Trapani, now 81, was completely unaware of the son desperately trying to reach out to him.

Can Facebook Out-Awesome Google Plus?

Google has had a lot of Buzz since announcing their latest social networking concept, Google Plus. Of course no one expected Facebook to just ignore it. Last week Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the world that he would make an announcement on Wednesday, July 6. He didn’t give many details, other than to say it Read More…