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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

How to Keep Kids Safe OnlineAs your children get older, they’re probably going to start using the internet more and more — after all, it’s an essential part of being alive in the technology age. However, you want to make sure your kids stay safe when they go online.

Safety is an important part–one of the most important parts, some might say–of using the internet. How can you instill important lessons into your children so they know how to surf smartly? Consider these useful ways to keep your kids safe while they’re online:

-Teach them about the internet’s danger areas

-Inform them about why internet safety is important

-Talk to them about what they’re doing or looking for online

-Trust your kids to do the right things

-Keep your own internet safety under control

Teach Your Kids About the Dangers of the Internet

One thing you want to do is make sure your kids know is that the internet can be a dangerous place. Then it’ll make more sense why you’re so adamant for your kids to maintain online safety. For many kids, especially younger kids, the concept of “internet safety” is so abstract, it’s tough to conceptualize. That’s why this is so vital.

You don’t have to try and scare your kids; this tactic rarely works anyway. Instead, just teach your kids about scams, cybercrime, and the various ways in which people online can find information about almost anyone. That’ll help your kids understand that online dangers may transfer to offline dangers, which can help your kids decide to stay safe.

Help Your Kids Understand the Impact of Internet Safety

On the other side of the coin, you also want to make sure your kids know why the measures you implement will actually help. You want to avoid “security theater,” which refers to measures that strive to make you feel safe rather than actually become safe. Instead, implement useful internet safety and security measures and talk to your kids about them.

Information is much more helpful than fear mongering. If you’re hoping to raise security-minded, thoughtful kids, you should talk to them about why you’re doing certain things rather than just scaring them into obedience. That way, your children are much more likely to continue using these effective security measures as they grow older.

Have Conversations About What Your Kids Are Doing Online

Whatever your kids are doing online, it’s likely to be something that’s important to them. It doesn’t matter if they’re just making posts on the latest social media website; that’s a great way for your kids to connect with other people they love and appreciate. Making that human connection is an important part of life.

In general, you want to stay open to communication with your kids. However, when it comes to online safety, that becomes even more important. If you stay open and accepting, it’s more likely that your kids will approach you and ask you questions if they have a problem online.

Trust Your Kids As Much As Possible

This can feel counter-intuitive. After all, don’t you want to restrict your kids’ online activity, so they can stay safe? However, while this may keep your kids somewhat safe while they live in your home, chances are, it won’t necessarily have a lasting impact.

You want to teach your kids strong methods of staying safe as a whole, not just impose rules that guide your kids’ lives. You want to help your kids understand the best way to stay safe in general. So as your kids get older, loosen restrictions and trust that you’ve taught your kids well.

Maintain Your Own Online Safety

If you’re going to tell your kids how to stay safe online, your kids should see that you have a good handle on your own online safety. After all, if you’re constantly running into online scams and other problems online, your kids may not be as ready to trust you. As you use the internet, you can demonstrate your sense of caution and use the right tools.

For example, if you’re planning to meet up with someone you meet online in-person, you can perform a reverse phone lookup and make sure you’re meeting up with the actual person you’ve been talking to. That can make it easier to feel safe and be safe.


Your children’s online safety is an important part of how they use the internet. If you want to set a good example for your children when it comes to online safety, you can try to keep yourself safe with tools like PeopleFinders. That way, your whole family can stay safe online.

Additionally, don’t forget to stay up-to-date with all the ways you can stay safe, online and in the real world, by reading the PeopleFinders blog.

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