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6 Ways to Have a Unique Valentine’s Day

Unique twists on Valentine’s Day

Whether you’ve been married for decades or this is your first Valentine’s Day with someone, you want to find a way to make every Valentine’s Day truly special. Although there are plenty of ways to make a day special for someone, some of these concepts may feel a little overdone. After all, everyone else is going out for dinner with a special someone, so why not spice things up a bit?

Here are just a few innovative ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day this year:

1. Go Back to Your First Date

Do you remember your very first date? Whether you have to go back in your text history or it’s etched permanently into your memory, your first date allowed you to meet the person who’s now an important part of your life.

Take a trip down memory lane and go all the way back to your very first date so you can relive the excitement. Even if it was just a coffee shop down the street, this unique date concept will let your partner know you actually care.

2. Create a Meal and Drinks Based on Your Relationship

If you and your significant other enjoy cooking or mixing drinks, why not make that into a fun Valentine’s Day present? Think about the things that each of you enjoys, especially when it comes to food and drinks, and incorporate them into your very own couples’ meal.

Consider making a mixed drink that’s truly yours, adding your favorite ingredients and tastes for the ultimate relationship cocktail. Come back to it again next year to make it even more special.

3. Take an Impromptu Trip

What’s more romantic than jetting off with your lover somewhere new? The good news is that in today’s technological age, you don’t have to spend hundreds on a plane ticket and a hotel room to have this kind of romantic experience.

Get online and find someone renting a small house in a city that’s only a few hours away from you. Then, whisk your lover away to your vacation in a city you haven’t explored yet and use Valentine’s Day to explore it.

4. Make a Meal at Home

This one can be especially romantic if you and your partner don’t currently live together. In this case, buy all the ingredients you need to make an especially romantic dinner for two. Prepare all the items at your house — cut vegetables, trim meat, and make any additional preparations.

Then, take those ingredients over to your partner’s house and cook dinner together. Your partner doesn’t have to worry about all the busywork associated with cooking, but it’s still tastier and less expensive than going out to eat.

5. Create Some Personalized Presents

For this option, look past the traditional personalized gifts. Although it’s certainly very romantic to get a calendar with cute pictures of the two of you each month, it’s not necessarily the most unique option. Instead, do something truly unique to the two of you.

Make a collage with pictures you’ve taken over the last year. Create a shadow box with important mementos. In general, this is a great chance for you to really showcase your creativity.

6. Go on a Double Date

Though many people think of Valentine’s Day as being a time for just you and your partner, there’s no reason why you can’t share it with friends (at least until you get home). If you and your partner are both very social, you might actually enjoy having another couple with you to double date the night away.

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No matter what your partner enjoys on Valentine’s Day, you can use this list to come up with some options for a very unique celebration. Just make sure you use PeopleFinders to keep yourself safe and informed throughout the whole experience.

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