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5 Dating Safety Tips

Tips for Safe Dating

Given the current circumstances dictated by COVID-19, going out on a date has been difficult to say the least, if not actually impossible. With restaurants and public areas slowly opening up across the country, however, the opportunities to go on a date in-person are also opening back up.

At any time, going on a date with an individual, especially one you met online, can be an extremely nerve-racking experience, largely because of security and safety concerns. For those of you eager to get back out there, we have a few dating safety tips that can help to make the experience safe as well as fun.

Let Someone Know Where You’ll Be Going

One of the most important things you can do to ensure dating safety is to let someone know where you’re going before you go there. It doesn’t have to be anything specific; just text your best friend or your mom letting them know you have a date tonight, as well as a bit of information about the date.

When you reach out with this information, you know someone knows where you are. That way, if you run into danger, someone will have the information they need to try to find you and make sure you’re safe.

Go Out for Your First Date

For the very first date, don’t ever go over to the other person’s house or invite the other person to your house. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; you could just meet up for coffee or grab some lunch at a food truck. However, regardless of where you go, you should definitely go out somewhere.

While newly opening establishments aren’t likely to be crowded, at least there should be some people around. That way, you don’t end up in a situation where it’s just the two of you until you get to know the other person better.

Drive Yourself to and From the Location

It’s definitely romantic to have someone pick you up and drop you off from your date. However, in the interest of safety, it’s probably a better idea to drive yourself or use a rideshare to get to and from the date.

When you drive yourself to and from the location, your date doesn’t know where you live. It may feel a bit like overkill, but it’s an important part of staying safe, especially when you’re dating someone you don’t know much about yet.

Have a Friend to Text At the End of the Night

Once you’re done with your date, you should make sure you have a friend who knows where you are that you can contact. You don’t need to text how the date went — it’s just important that you have a friend you can tell when the date is over and that you’re home safe.

This helps make sure someone knows if something’s wrong as soon as it is. If things really go poorly and you end up in a dangerous situation, you won’t be able to text your friend that you’re home safe. Then your friend can take the necessary steps to alert authorities or otherwise make sure you’re doing okay.

Research Your Date in Advance

One of the best things you can do to make sure your date goes well is to research your date advance. Many people do this, to an extent; it’s common to look around the internet to see if someone has any social media presence, images on the internet, and so forth. But if you want to go even deeper, you can use a site like PeopleFinders to try and learn more about your date.

PeopleFinders allows you to try and find out much more about your date, including things you won’t necessarily find out by browsing around the internet. Perform a background check on a date to try and get more details about their past. You may find that your date has a criminal history you should be aware of before you go out.


Overall, there are many ways to stay safe during a date. Some of these dating safety tips are important to do before every date, while some you might stop after you’ve gone on multiple dates with a person. Before you go on your next date, you should check that person out to make sure you’re staying safe.

Even if you’re not planning on going on a date anytime soon, read the PeopleFinders blog to learn more about other ways to stay safe in your everyday life.

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PeopleFinders was launched in 1999 to give people easy access to public records data. The PeopleFinders mission is to find, organize and make information accessible - empowering people with meaningful answers.

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