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Four Great Reasons You Should Buy Your Cheating Partner the iPhone X

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Are you sure your partner is cheating on you, but you don’t have any real physical evidence? Maybe you saw them being romantic with someone else, maybe one of their friends tipped you off, or maybe you even saw some incriminating messages. Still, if you need something that you can show to your partner so they can’t deny it, your first instinct will probably be to look to their phone. Even better, if you give them a whole new phone, they’ll probably think you have no idea — and it’ll give you a whole host of ways to check on them. Here are four reasons that phone should be the iPhone X.

Setup is easy to supervise.

When you buy your partner a new phone, the first thing they’ll have to do is set it up, to ensure it works properly and customize it. If you insist on being part of that customization process, usually under the guise of wanting to spend time with them, you can see some important things like passwords, and you may even spot email addresses you didn’t know about. You can set up your face to unlock the phone, notice any suspicious apps your partner downloads, and you may even see some incriminating photos download from the cloud if your partner already had an iPhone! By joining them in their setup, you’ll unlock plenty of the information you’d otherwise be in the dark about.

Everything is contained in one place.

A great thing about Apple phones is that they have something for every person. If you use your phone for business, there are apps that will work perfectly for that. If, on the other hand, you mostly just want to surf the internet, you can create your phone based around that idea. Either way, you can use your iPhone for basically anything and everything, which means that your partner can put everything on their phone — and that includes the evidence of their cheating.

With the ability to connect multiple email addresses, the dozens of dating apps on the App Store, and even the apps from affair sites making it easier for your partner to cheat, it’s likely that they’ll keep everything in this one place. The upgrades to the iPhone X ensure that it’s even easier for them to put everything together than in earlier iPhone models. That makes it easier for you, in turn, to catch them.

You can connect your computer to their phone.

Another amazing feature of iPhones is the ability to connect an Apple ID to your phone, then use it to access much of that phone’s content from any Apple computer, and sometimes even just online! If you set up the phone with your partner, you’ll almost definitely be able to see the email they use for their Apple ID, and you may even be able to get the password. Once you have that, you’re all set!

Once you have the Apple ID login, you can connect your computer to the same Apple ID, letting you have access to their phone. When you help them set up their phone, you can even surreptitiously have them set up Find My iPhone, which will tell you where they are anytime it syncs. This handy little app will easily let you know if they’re lying about where they are.

Easily gain access to contacts and messages.

Whether you sync the Apple ID or you just have the passcode, you’ll be able to get information from your partner’s phone that can help you uncover their cheating ways. If you’ve set it up right, you’ll likely have the contacts they’ve saved, and you may even get access to their text messages as they receive them. Obviously, this works wonders if you’re trying to get evidence of their cheating, and the best part is that these numbers can unlock all the information you need!

If you use PeopleFinders to look up those phone numbers, you’ll gain access to a massive amount of information about anyone, with just a simple phone number. Get the information on the person your partner’s cheating with; you might even be able to get them on your side, if they didn’t know your partner was cheating.


Having a partner cheat on you is extremely difficult, and it’s even more difficult if you feel like you don’t have the evidence to actually approach them about it. If you want to get that evidence, one of the best ways is to buy your partner the iPhone X. Not only will it lure them into a false sense of security, but it’s an amazing way to get contact information on the people your partner’s been texting and calling. With PeopleFinders, you can use your partner’s iPhone X to its full advantage and catch them in the act.

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