7 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Using the Internet To Cheat on You

Signs of partner cheating online

The internet has opened up a whole new realm of options for people who want to cheat on their partners. It can be even easier to cheat online than to cheat in person, as you don’t need to actually meet up with someone and risk getting caught cheating. However, cheating using the internet can leave its own warning signs, which means if you’re careful, you can discover it just like you would any other type of cheating. Here are seven of the top warning signs your partner is carrying on a digital affair.

1. Their Electronics Behavior Has Suddenly Changed

Have you noticed that your partner used to be very open about their electronics, but they’re now being extremely possessive of them? Being possessive about electronics isn’t necessarily a red flag, as many people just enjoy their privacy, but suddenly becoming possessive of their electronics can absolutely be one.

2. Their Passwords Have Changed Recently

Although some people find it a red flag if their partner doesn’t share social media and phone passwords freely, the truth is that this can be a normal part of everyday privacy. However, if you previously had your partner’s passwords, but those passwords have recently changed, there could be a deeper problem.

3. They’re Changing Their Schedule, Even Around You

In a “traditional” affair, it’s common to see someone’s schedule change—they’re “staying late at work,” “going on business trips,” and “taking on extra shifts.” In an online affair, these changes are no longer necessary, but some schedule changes may pop up. If your partner suddenly starts staying up after you go to sleep or waking up before you do, this could be a warning sign.

4. You’re Suddenly Noticing New Names in Their Social Media Sphere

It’s likely that you and your partner share some elements of your social media life. It’s common for your partner to have friends you don’t have, but if you’ve suddenly seen a number of brand-new names pop up on a regular basis, you might want to keep those names in mind. Expanding social spheres can be a way to mask a new close friend that’s actually an affair partner.

5. They Stop Taking Calls in Front of You

Again, this goes back to the points about privacy. It’s completely normal for someone to desire privacy, even going so far as to leave the room to answer phone calls or refuse phone calls if they’re with other people. However, you need to look at whether this behavior has changed recently. If they used to be fine with it but you start seeing them declining more calls or leaving the room to take them, there may be cause for concern.

6. Their Friends, Especially Internet Friends, Start Pulling Away From You

It’s unfortunately common for someone’s partner to be the last person that learns about their affair. As a matter of fact, friends may be some of the first people to learn about an affair. For some of them, this can be uncomfortable, but they might not want to talk about what they consider to be “someone else’s business.” Instead, they may start pulling away from you, feeling uncomfortable about what’s happening but equally uncomfortable about saying anything.

7. They’ve Created Fake Social Media Accounts and Email Addresses

This is one of the more difficult ones to verify. Obviously, if your partner has created fake social media accounts and email addresses to cheat with, they’re not going to give you the names of these accounts. That would be completely against the point. However, what you can do is use some third-party tools like PeopleFinders to find information about any accounts your partner may have created.

With tools like the people search from PeopleFinders, you can input your partner’s name and immediately gain access to a wealth of information about them. This may include online usernames, email addresses and more. If you perform one of these people searches and you see information you don’t recognize, you can do some general internet searches with that information to see where it leads.


There are many warning signs of online cheating. While it’s a good idea not to use any of the signs here as your sole indication that your partner is cheating, they’re all important things to keep in mind. With a tool like PeopleFinders and an understanding of your partner, it can be easier for you to uncover internet infidelity early.

Image Attribution: Antonioguillem – stock.adobe.com

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