How to Find Out Where Someone Lives

How to Find Out Where Someone LivesMaybe you’ve lost touch with a childhood friend and would like to reconnect with them. Maybe you want to know where a military buddy wound up after you served together years ago. Or perhaps you have a relative who has dropped out of sight for some reason. For these and a variety of other possible reasons, you have a legitimate need to try and find out where someone lives.

But perhaps you don’t have an obvious avenue to get that information. Or at least, you might not think you do. But as it turns out, you actually have several options when it comes to locating a person’s address. They include things like:

-Talking to other friends or relatives

-Leafing through a phonebook

-Browsing social media

-Trying a people search

-Hiring someone

Ask Mutual Friends or Family

If you’re looking for an old friend, see if you are still in touch with someone else who may also know that friend. Finding that friend’s address could wind up being as simple as just asking for it.

And if it’s a relative you want to find, so the same thing with other family members. Even if that relative has distanced him or herself on purpose from most of the family, they could very well still be in touch with at least one family member you know.

Check on Social Media

People don’t tend to publish their full address on social media. However, as long as their account is public, you can often find a person’s city and state of residence. Obviously, this wouldn’t be your last step if you want to get someone’s actual address, but it could be a good start.

If you do try to use social media to find out where someone lives, your best approach is to simply reach out to them and ask using the platform’s direct messaging functionality. Or, if you can’t find that person on social media, you can take the same approach to reach out to mutual friends or family and see if they know anything.

Use a Phonebook

You could always try the old school approach when it comes to finding where someone lives. While certainly not as popular as it was before the internet, a phonebook could still provide you with the address information you need. You just have to know the person’s current city of residence in order to get your hands on the right phonebook.

Phonebooks are also available online of course. That way, you can perform a white pages lookup to try and obtain a person’s address.

Conduct a People Search

If you know a person’s full name, phone number, or email address, you may be able to use that basic information to find out where they are living these days. An online people search may be able to get you access to that kind of information (and possibly much more, if you’re also interested in learning more about what exists in their public records and background).

Just enter one of the above pieces of information that you do have. Then, the search should offer you access to the related contact information, which could include current and past addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Hire a Detective

Does it seem like the person you’re trying to find has fallen off the face of the earth? In that case, you might want to hire someone with the necessary tools and expertise to find where someone lives. Private detectives may have access to contact information that you don’t have.

The difficulty of finding out where someone lives depends primarily on how hard they may be trying to keep that information secret. Most of the time, it should be easy to find. And, as you can see, there are a lot of options for doing so.

For more information about all the different options you have when it comes to finding people, check out the People Search articles on the PeopleFinders blog.

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