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How to Find a Sibling Who was Put Up for Adoption

Putting together a family tree after adoption is often framed in one way: an adoptee searching for biological parents. However, there are many other moving parts to the puzzle, each equally important. Whether you’ve just found out that a biological sibling you had was placed for adoption, or you’ve always known but never known how to start looking, there’s a way to find out. You may not be adopted, even though your sibling was, or you and your sibling may have been adopted into different families. Either way, it’s similarly difficult to find information. If you’re interested in finding your biological sibling, here are some ways to do so.

Ask your parents

No matter the situation, your parents may have some information that can help guide you to your sibling. If you were adopted, your adopted parents may be able to give you some information that can help you find your biological parents, who can then help you find your sibling. If you weren’t adopted, your parents may still keep in contact with your biological sibling’s new parents, or know where the adoption occurred. Either way, it’s likely that they’ll want to help you find your biological sibling, so there’s no harm in asking.

Try going through legal routes

One of the most convoluted, but effective, ways to find adopted siblings is to go through the legal system. There are plenty of provisions in the legal system meant to help you find your biological parents or siblings. There are adoptee rights groups working hard to further the rights of adoptees, making it more likely that you’ll be able to reconnect down the road.
However, it’s important to note that the legal method is extremely difficult in states that haven’t passed open-ended adoption laws. If the law is convoluted, or it only covers certain cases, you may have a hard time determining what your options are. In this case, it may be a good idea to find a lawyer who can help you. Many specialize in exactly this type of law.

Use the Internet and social media to find others with the information you need

You may be able to find certain information, such as a potential last name, but not anything else. If you’re running into problems, searching the Internet by using any information you do have can be very helpful. There are websites and social media groups dedicated to helping adoptees finding parents and siblings. There’s always a chance your sibling is already looking for you as well. By casting your net as widely as possible, it’ll be more likely that you’ll eventually run across your sibling.

Try an online people search

With the advent of the Internet, it’s become substantially simpler to find information on people, and that often comes in the form of people searches. PeopleFinders can help you find an adopted sibling with whatever information you have. You can try looking yourself up in the people search function, which will provide a list of potential relatives. If there are any birth records in the public records database, they may be able to connect you to a sibling you didn’t even know was out there. In a best case, you’ll be able to find exact contact information so you can reach out and reconnect with your lost brother or sister.


Finding an adopted sibling is no small feat, whether you’re trying to find a sibling that was placed for adoption many years ago without you or you were split up from your sibling when you were adopted. However, by using PeopleFinders, you can make it much easier. As adoption rights groups continue their lobbying, it’s likely to become easier to reconnect with lost loved ones. Until then, PeopleFinders has the resources you need.

PeopleFinders was launched in 1999 to give people easy access to public records data. The PeopleFinders mission is to find, organize and make information accessible - empowering people with meaningful answers.

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