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Does Your Partner Have a Second Phone?

cheating partner's second phone

If your partner is cheating on you, you’ll usually be able to notice some warning signs. Your partner might be more withdrawn, use the phone more frequently, or get out of the house much more often than before.

Of course, a cheating partner knows that you’re looking for those warning signs. So, he or she is going to do everything possible to ensure that you don’t notice anything. In extreme circumstances,  your partner might even decide to get a second phone to keep proof of an affair hidden.

Think there could be a secret phone? To find out, you should:

-Look for other signs of cheating

-Check on finances

-Be discreet

-Verify unknown numbers you see on the first phone


Stay on the Lookout for Other Signs of Cheating

You likely have an inkling that something’s wrong long before you start suspecting that your partner is hiding a phone from you. Has your significant other become less or more affectionate with you than normal? Spending more for lunch than usual? Does he or she frequently make excuses to avoid spending time with you?

These are all classic signs of cheating, and they’re an important part of discovering your partner’s secrets. Of course, everyone’s habits are different. Some people use “hobbies” to cover their tracks rather than work, or they start “going out with their friends” more frequently. Just pay attention, and listen to your gut.

Keep an Eye on Your Finances

Finances could be a clear indication that something’s wrong. If your partner has a second phone, the service isn’t going to be free, and that’s going to show up in your bank account. Has your phone bill suddenly become higher? Or is there a phone bill from a new company that you don’t currently subscribe to? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you need to dig further to uncover what’s going on.

If your partner is incredibly cautious, he or she may actually open a new bank account or line of credit to avoid your notice. However, you can still track that. If your partner uses part of a regular paycheck to pay for the affair, you’ll notice money withdrawn from your bank account, or that deposits have become a bit smaller.

Don’t Make Your Suspicions Obvious

Sometimes, cheaters get sloppy, especially if they think they’re getting away with it. You want that to happen because it means that you’re more likely to find something incriminating.

To investigate your partner successfully, you want to make sure that everything seems fine. Don’t act differently, even if your partner does something that gives things away. By keeping a low profile, you can lure your partner into a false sense of security and increase the chances of a slip-up.

Check Numbers on the Primary Phone

Although your partner will probably use the second phone for the bulk of cheating conversations, that doesn’t mean it’s always 100%. Your partner may not care if you look at his or her primary phone, assuming there’s nothing problematic on it. A site like PeopleFinders may be able to help you check if that’s actually the case.

With PeopleFinders, you can perform a reverse phone search to try and get information on unknown phone numbers in the primary phone’s recent calls list. That information may include the name of who owns that phone number, the carrier, and what kind of phone it is.

You can also try and perform a people search on your partner, and see whether there are any phone numbers registered in his or her name that you didn’t know about.


Although not every cheating partner uses a second phone to hide an affair, it’s pretty common. If your partner does have a hidden second phone, it’s definitely evidence that–if not an affair– something is happening. To cut to the chase quickly and figure out if your mate has another phone, try PeopleFinders.

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PeopleFinders was launched in 1999 to give people easy access to public records data. The PeopleFinders mission is to find, organize and make information accessible - empowering people with meaningful answers.

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