PeopleFinders Do’s And Don’ts

PeopleFinders has helped people confirm their trust and obtain vital information since 1998. We’ve helped millions of people and are ready to help you.

There are, however, a few things you cannot do on any public records site. Use this handy guide to discover some exciting Do’s - and a few crucial Don’ts for


Find People

It happens to all of us. We lose touch with friends, colleagues and even relatives. But it’s never too late to reconnect.

Our name says it all. We help you find people by name, phone number or address. Reuniting with a loved one is among the greatest feelings in the world. That’s why we’re committed to helping you find anyone, anywhere.

Run A Reverse Phone Search

The phone rings. You don’t recognize the number. Should you answer?

A reverse phone lookup tells you who’s calling. Look up any number to get the owner’s name, current address and other useful information. Rely on a phone search to identify numbers that call you or a family member.

You can also search for people using their old number. Enter anyone’s outdated digits to get their most recent contact information!

Explore Backgrounds

Have you ever:

Wanted to buy something from an online seller, but passed because you didn’t know anything about the person?

Thought of renting a room, but held off because you had questions about your potential roomie’s history?

Wished you could learn about someone before meeting them?

You can do that and more with a background check from PeopleFinders. They provide address histories, bankruptcies, evictions, criminal records and other relevant details.

See What People Can Learn About You

Do you know what information is available from your past? If someone ran a background check on you, what would they learn?

It’s important to understand what’s in your background report. Check yours to see what others could discover with a simple search.

Research Someone You Met On An Online Dating Site

Online dating can be a great way to meet people and maybe even find “the one.” But we’ve all heard horror stories from people who accepted dates online.

Before you agree to go out, run a background check. It’s an easy way to get the facts you need to protect yourself. Find out if the person is married, has gone through bankruptcy and anything else you should know.

Perhaps most importantly, background checks show you if someone has a criminal record. See if the person who asked you out has misdemeanors, felonies or sexual offenses on record.

Get Emails, Phone Numbers and Addresses

Need to update your address book or find contact information for your business?

People Search reports provide current and historical records. Start a PeopleFinders Membership now to enjoy an access to reports with phone numbers, emails, addresses and more.


Make Hiring Decisions

PeopleFinders is the Web’s most trusted resource for public records, but we are not a Consumer Reporting Agency. The site cannot be used to make hiring decisions. You must turn to an approved source for your employment screening needs.

Screen Tenants

If you’re a landlord, you’ll want to know all you can about someone before letting them live on your property. That’s expected, but there are rules you must follow.

Rely on a Consumer Reporting Agency to review potential tenants. It is illegal to use any other service for screening purposes.

Make Credit Decisions

Verifying an applicant’s eligibility for credit is essential. But, like tenant screening, it must be done through appropriate channels. PeopleFinders cannot be used for credit related decisions.

Other Purposes Specified by the FCRA

Public records provide a wealth of data that help you answer questions and make important decisions. But they cannot be used to make judgments about insurance, credit, employment, education or business-related benefits.

PeopleFinders offers access to billions of public records that help you find people, learn more about them and get important data you can use every day. Find the facts you need with a visit to today.