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Dametriss Ruffin - Dedra Ruffin Dedrick Ruffin - Diann Ruffin Dianna Ruffin - Edwin Ruffin Effie Ruffin - Eva Ruffin Evan Ruffin - Gerald Ruffin Geraldine Ruffin - Herbert Ruffin Herbie Ruffin - Jake Ruffin Jakeriah Ruffin - Jean Ruffin Jeana Ruffin - Johnie Ruffin Johnna Ruffin - Karon Ruffin Karrah Ruffin - Keya Ruffin Keyara Ruffin - Lalita Ruffin Lalunda Ruffin - Lecretina Ruffin Ledonnie Ruffin - Lottie Ruffin Lou Ruffin - Marcellus Ruffin March Ruffin - Mc Ruffin Mcarthur Ruffin - Mykea Ruffin Mykesha Ruffin - Nyasia Ruffin Nykeshia Ruffin - Phillip Ruffin Phillips Ruffin - Raynette Ruffin Rayshaun Ruffin - Roosevelt Ruffin Ros Ruffin - Scarlette Ruffin Scentoria Ruffin - Sharell Ruffin Sharella Ruffin - Sierra Ruffin Silvana Ruffin - Tamisha Ruffin Tammarral Ruffin - Thomas Ruffin Thomasin Ruffin - Trevahn Ruffin Trevis Ruffin - Veryl Ruffin Vesta Ruffin - Winfred Ruffin Winifred Ruffin - Mikel Ruffinelle Andrew Ruffinelli - Barb Ruffing Barbara Ruffing - Dorothy Ruffing Dotti Ruffing - Jennie Ruffing Jennifer Ruffing - Margie Ruffing Maria Ruffing - Ruth Ruffing Ruthanne Ruffing - Leslie Ruffingraves Rosalind Ruffingray - Donald Ruffini Donna Ruffini - Louis Ruffini Lucia Ruffini - Theresa Ruffini Thomas Ruffini - Alyssa Ruffino Amanda Ruffino - Courtney Ruffino Crystal Ruffino - Harold Ruffino Heather Ruffino - Kristy Ruffino Krystal Ruffino - Pam Ruffino Pamela Ruffino - Thomas Ruffino Tim Ruffino - Calvin Ruffins Carl Ruffins - Jasmine Ruffins Jay Ruffins - Nicole Ruffins Noel Ruffins - Emma Ruffinsallen Gladys Ruffinsbruce - Ellie Ruffle
Eric Ruffle - Cynthia Ruffles David Ruffles - Nicole Rufflni Aldo Rufflo - Amber Ruffner Ami Ruffner - Charlott Ruffner Charlotte Ruffner - Edwin Ruffner Edwina Ruffner - Jackie Ruffner Jacob Ruffner - Kaye Ruffner Kayla Ruffner - Marguerit Ruffner Marguerite Ruffner - Rachelle Ruffner Ralene Ruffner - Stephen Ruffner Steve Ruffner - Josie Ruffnerstatzer Ann Ruffnertabitha - Chavez Ruffo Chelsea Ruffo - Frank Ruffo Fred Ruffo - Kristen Ruffo Kristi Ruffo - Phillis Ruffo Phyllis Ruffo - Vicki Ruffo Vickie Ruffo - Christopher Ruffolo Christyne Ruffolo - Irma Ruffolo Italo Ruffolo - Maurizio Ruffolo Megan Ruffolo - Sherri Ruffolo Sherry Ruffolo - Donald Ruffra Jamee Ruffra - Philip Ruffsr Robert Ruffsr - James Ruffus Jasmin Ruffus - William Ruffy Willie Ruffy - Mary Rufiesen Mary Rufiesenmurphy - Gonzalez Rufin Grace Rufin - Ricky Rufin Robert Rufin - Laura Rufing Lauren Rufing - Beatrice Rufino Benito Rufino - Enriquillo Rufino Epifanio Rufino - Jennifer Rufino Jenny Rufino - Matthew Rufino Mauricio Rufino - Sabrina Rufino Sally Rufino - Ann Rufkahr Anneliese Rufkahr - Stephen Rufle Steve Rufle - Bruce Rufner Carol Rufner - Ampuero Rufo Amy Rufo - Daniel Rufo Danielle Rufo - Jacquelyn Rufo Jaime Rufo - Maggie Rufo Manuel Rufo - Ron Rufo Ronald Rufo - Alphonso Rufolo Amanda Rufolo - Catherine Rufomendoza Shaunte Rufomeyer - Lauren Rufrano Laurence Rufrano - Sage Rufsvold Sandra Rufsvold - Janice Rufty Jean Rufty - Jose Rufugio Leon Rufugio - Bradley Rufus Branch Rufus - Cyrus Rufus