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Parker Roundy - Shyann Roundy Sidney Roundy - Matthew Roundybush Jake Roundyfeild - Shannon Rouner Shendel Rouner - Christ Rounis Elizabeth Rounis - Bonnie Rouns Braxton Rouns - Hunt Rounsavall Jame Rounsavall - Wilma Rounsavall Yancy Rounsavall - Brad Rounsaville Brandon Rounsaville - Geraldine Rounsaville Gerry Rounsaville - Lawrence Rounsaville Lee Rounsaville - Ronnie Rounsaville Rose Rounsaville - John Rounsedell Christopher Rounsefel - Michael Rounseville Nancy Rounseville - Kelly Rounsley Ken Rounsley - Dick Rounsville Dona Rounsville - Michelle Rounsville Nancy Rounsville - David Rountr James Rountr - Anna Rountree Anne Rountree - Brent Rountree Breon Rountree - Chery Rountree Cheryl Rountree - Darren Rountree Darrin Rountree - Edith Rountree Edna Rountree - Georgeanne Rountree Georgia Rountree - Jake Rountree Jalisa Rountree - Johnie Rountree Johnnie Rountree - Kisha Rountree Kishia Rountree - Lorna Rountree Lorraine Rountree - May Rountree Maya Rountree - Opal Rountree Oscar Rountree - Richar Rountree Richard Rountree - Sharika Rountree Sharon Rountree - Teddy Rountree Teishana Rountree - Vonsuala Rountree Wade Rountree - Dianne Rountreehenderson Janet Rountreehudson - Daniel Rouny John Rounyak - Karen Roup Katherine Roup - Alice Roupar Maria Roupar - Billy Roupe Bob Roupe - Gertrude Roupe Gilbert Roupe - Marcia Roupe Margaret Roupe - Tamra Roupe Tawnya Roupe - Beverly Roupp Bob Roupp - Margaret Roupp Marjorie Roupp - Michelle Rouppet Nancy Rouppet - Garbriel Rouquie James Rouquie - Helena Roura Honorio Roura - Teresa Roura Teresita Roura - Migdalia Roure Miguel Roure - George Rourio Richard Rouritsen - Dawn Rourk